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Morning Whip, 4/8/05

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The Whip The assault on painkillers continues. FDA bans Bextra . . . only Celebrex left from the COX-2 inhibitors.

"Current is about empowering 18-34-year-olds to engage in the dialogue of democracy and to tell the stories of their lives using the dominant medium of their time." Al, d00d, UR A N00B.

Joe Posnanski is a really good columnist. His latest: a shocking expose of why Kansas City rates as only the 10th best city for sleep. (Minneapolis is apparently #1, fyi).

Want to wander into the tallgrass? Head for Chase County, Kansas.

Tire Pressure Monitors. Not just a good idea. The Law.

Flashing Pacifiers recalled. Kids could choke on 'em. Why would anyone buy a Flashing Pacifier in the first place?

Rock Choke -- ah, the memories. Bucknell's win over the Jayhawks will re-run at 9:30 AM CDT on ESPN Classic.