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Morning Whip, 4/7/05

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The Whip It was a travel day yesterday, coming back from the Women's Final Four in Indianapolis. But the quest for interesting snippets from the Web continues . . .

The Shuttle is finally on the launch pad again.

Stupid Politician Tricks: Congress may extend daylight-saving time. Fave quote:
"The more daylight we have, the less electricity we use," said (Democrat Representative) Markey.
Somebody introduce Markey to Copernicus, OK?

What did Sandy steal?
And what could have impelled him to destroy three of the five copies, and return the other two? Surely, that the notes on those three copies made it all too clear that somebody high up in the Clinton administration had perceived a threat very much like what happened on Sept. 11, but then failed to do anything whatever about it.

The U.N.: Rot at the top
Exonerated? To quote Mark Pieth, a member of the independent commission assigned to conduct the investigation into this monumental scandal: "We did not exonerate Kofi Annan. We said he was not dishonest, but at the same time he mismanaged the inquiry. . . . We should not brush this off. A certain mea culpa would have been appropriate."