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Morning Whip, 3/30/05

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The Whip Tennessee punched their ticket to the women's Final Four. My Snookums is (once again) delighted.

Johnny Cochran dies of a brain tumor. I can't help but think of a certain rhyming phrase using "head" and "dead" **. (I know it's really tasteless, but so was the OJ verdict.)

The Supreme Court yesterday heard arguments regarding peer-to-peer file sharing technology. This is another issue I'm not sure about -- both sides have decent arguments. The content producers have a reasonable expectation to profit from their work, but I have big problems with outlawing technology as a replacement for enforcing the law. For instance, there are lots of things in my garage (or my kitchen for that matter) that I could use for illegal purposes. Should crow bars be illegal? This is one of those "slippery slope" situations, I think.

Timing is everything. Vatican says Pope given feeding tube.

** If it's in your head, you might be dead. Sorry.