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Morning Whip 3/3/05

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The Whip The Global Flyer - Steve Fossett closes in on completing a round-the-world solo flight.

The mainstream media's macabre fascination with the Iraq body count continues.

Meanwhile, the flame of freedom continues to flicker in Lebanon.

Greenspan: deficits bad, Social Security is in fact fubar'ed.

And, the Award for Most Disingenuously Confusing First Line in a News Article Award goes to: The Detroit Free Press, for Poll: Social Security plan wins young voters' support
WASHINGTON -- While polls show that President George W. Bush is losing support for his push to partly privatize Social Security, the group he's winning support from may be the most important one politically -- young people.

Another reason why it's a bad idea to make public policy according to poll results.

Ah, the Replacements. One of my all-time favorite bands. I might have to make my way down to the Grand Emporium tomorrow night.