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Morning Whip 3/4/05

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The Whip An excellent Whip day today, if I do say so myself.

My nephew asks "what's up with all the Duke ads" on Medary.com. Sorry, Bryan, you'll have to ask Google, they control the ad links here by scanning the page for content. Oops, there's another Duke mention. Oops, another one. Bryan wants North Carolina references. Sorry, Brian, to do that I'd need to mention North Carolina and Tarheels a lot.

My sister likes singing the Monkeys Have No Tails In Zamboanga song in the morning while out camping. Your life is more full for knowing that, I'm sure.

News Flash: the Aryan Nation is NOT moving from Pennsylvania to Kansas City, Kansas. I'll admit, I'm hard-pressed to recommend where they should go, exactly, although a certain very warm subterranean location comes to mind.

Big in the Blogosphere: the Federal Election Commission apparently has not read or understood the Constitution. Apparently half (the Democrat half, at that, go figure) of the FEC seems to think that linking from a web site to a campaign site constitutes a donation and thus falls under regulation. I wonder if it's OK to link to the Aryan Nation web site. Or the FEC web site. Or the House of Representatives site. Or the "Monkeys have no Tails in Zamboanga" site. Or the University of North Carolina Tar Heels site. This via Instapundit.

Peter Jackson wants his money for Lord of the Rings. Meanwhile, Hobbit fossils are causing strife among scientists. Maybe Sauron isn't dead after all - this is the kind of thing he'd enjoy.

Tar Heels.

Finally this morning, another entry for the "Bush was right" file, this time from Daniel Schorr. This via freerepublic.com.