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Morning Whip 3/7/05

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The Whip Morning, all.

Let's see . . . college basketball is the lead here at Medary:

Tennessee Lady Vols beat #1 LSU to win the SEC championship.

Missouri beats Kansas. Mizzou salvages a .500 regular season.

Illinois gets beat by Ohio State, so it looks like South Dakota State's rumored opener next year against the Illini won't feature a returning undefeated national champion vs. a first-year D-I RPI counter.

Current affairs:

The Sgrena Incident (the Italian Communist journalist wounded in a U.S. attack in Iran). Something is odd about this whole thing, and not just Sgrena's paranoid thought that she was deliberately targeted.

It wasn't just me: I admit I was wondering what was up with all of the really photogenic Lebanese women showing up in photos of the demonstrations against Syria. Megablogger Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) notices, too. (Yes, I know it's a cynical mechanism to grab attention, ya think I was born yesterday?)