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Morning Whip Saturday Edition 3/12/05

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The Whip Some of Filbert's favorite things:

All-time favorite TV show: Mystery Science Theater 3000. Second place: Babylon 5.

All-time favorite RFC: RFC 1149 - A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers.

All-time favorite band/music artist: A tough one, which goes in cycles. The Replacements, when I'm feeling the need to get a bit out of control. REM, when I can ignore the purile politics and focus on the gorgeous music (which is fairly often, actually). Sheryl Crow, occasionally. Warren Zevon, RIP. Many others, which someday I'll document on the Entertainment page.

Favorite day: Saturday.

Favorite dog: Whippet.

Favorite dessert: Carrot cake.

Favorite author: Terry Pratchett.