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Morning Whip, 2/27/05

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The Whip Victor Davis Hanson, writing in the Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal (registration required) again calls the European's bluff on their hypocritical attitudes toward America. VDH is always a good read . . .

Until postmodern Europe rightly assumes a role commensurate with its moral rhetoric, population, and economic strength, out of envy or pride it will often seek to undercut and occasionally embarrass the U.S.--at least up to that fine, though ambiguous, point of not quite alienating its hyperpower patron. For our part, we cannot ridicule Europe's present military impotence only to oppose its nascent efforts at a unified defense establishment. So go to it, Europe--one voice, one army, one U.N. Security Council seat!

Jacks win! Jacks win! Jacks win! Now, it's a bit silly I know to get excited about a college basketball team's tenth win occuring at the end of February, but these are my Jackrabbits. Not many teams get to end their season with a win. You gotta understand. It's a fan thing.

Lady Jacks, however, lose for the second time to arch-rival North Dakota State. Still, 20 wins in your first year in D-I and wins over Alabama, Kentucky, and Oklahoma State is not a bad thing. One more game to go for the Lady Jacks . . .

Note to editorial writers: Any editorial which includes both "quagmire" and "exit strategy" can safely be ignored if not ridiculed for showing an utter lack of comprehension of the post-9/11 world. No link here. You know who you are.