Migration Notes, 6/4/2019

On we go: 302 posts published, 2,758 in draft (i.e. not yet re-formatted). I’ll update later with the totals for the day as we continue.

UPDATE 1: I’ve already spotted a couple of problems with the el-cheapo migration service I used: first, they didn’t necessarily put all of the spaces between words where they were supposed to go. This will be annoying but I doubt I’ll be going back through all 3,000+ posts to clean that up. And, additionally, some of the quotes I did show up in an italics font that’s . . . rather big. I probably won’t go back and clean that up either.

Well, maybe I’ll go clean up some of the posts, like the Journeys. After I get done migrating the lot of them.

UPDATE 2: I’m up to 759 posts published, 2,301 in draft. A good day.