The Whip

While the spoiled children in Wisconsin and their union/Democrat enablers continue their temper tantrum over actually being asked to pay for a portion of their retirement and medical care (horrors!), putting up to 12 thousand Wisconsin state employees’ jobs at risk,[*1] you may have missed a few other happenings:

Iran is sending ships through the Suez Canal to further menace Israel.[*2]

Meanwhile, high speed rail will SOLVE ALL OUR PROBLEMS!![*3] (Oops, sorry, no, it won’t. It’s a silly-ass idea. Works in Japan. Won’t work in the USA.)

(Economic) bubbles are bursting around the world . . .[*4] has our golden age ended? Only if we do not change— and I’m not referring to the Soros/Obama-cling-bitterly-to-Nineteenth-century-“progressive”-collectivist/statist-public-policy-solutions kind of “change.”

And yes, unions ARE thuggish organizations.[*5] They really can’t help it. It’s what they are. Their primary weapon is intimidation. When that fails, they start the violence.

Fire ‘em all and institute vouchers.[*6] Sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Wisconsin doctors sacrificing their careers to keep spoiled children spoiled.[*7]

On a rare cheery note, Nathan Fillion wants to buy Firefly.[*8]

The price of oil is going up.[*9] The price of everything is going up.[*10] Have you noticed?

A good question: After Wisconsin, how do Democrats argue against a GOP government shutdown?[*11] Glenn Reynolds replies: “”shamelessly” would be my guess.”[*12] Yeah. That word should be a part of the official name of the Democratic Party–er–the Shameless Democratic Party.

Depressed yet? No? Then you don’t understand what’s going on. Sigh.