Election 2010–The Short Version, and The Way Forward

In Super Bowl terms, not a 55-3 blowout, but a solid 35-10 whupping.

Democrats need to seriously reconsider their authoritarian, statist, socialist, “progressive” dreams which have (again) been soundly rejected by the American people.

Republicans need to (for once) follow through on their positive, populist, libertarian small-government promises.

Both parties need to Trust The People.

In order for that to happen, The People need to trust themselves more than they trust their politicians. The solution to America’s problems are not in Washington, D.C. You look at those solutions every morning in your bathroom mirror as you brush your teeth.

Stop waiting for someone else to make your life better, to make other people’s lives better. Start figuring out ways to do those things yourself. That’s the American Way.

Make yourself better. Make the world easier for other people, in big ways, in little ways. Cultivate kindness within yourself instead of envy, generosity within yourself instead of hate, and project that kindness and generosity to everyone you meet.

Changing the world isn’t a big thing. It’s a whole lot of very small things–which all start with you.

Start today.