“The Insurgency”

I prefer “The Restoration,” personally.

The question is: Are you with the people, or are you with the powerful?

Choose wisely. This is still America. For a little while, anyway.

Anyway, This from a two-part article (Part one[*1] , Part two[*2] ) at the new RightNetwork, which pretty much hits the nail on the head:

The Insurgency began in the fall of 2008, when President Bush, Senator Obama, and Senator McCain appeared together to endorse the TARP bailout. At that moment the lights came on for many Americans. It was glaringly obvious that both political parties jointly operated the system, and the system existed to protect the well connected at the expense of everyone else. The public opposed the TARP bailouts; the banks got their money anyway. The Insurgency, long brewing, began.

The Insurgency is a movement of citizens directed against unsustainable government taxation and regulation, and spending, both of which benefit insiders rather than ordinary people. The target of the Insurgency is a leviathan in Washington, D.C. that will ruin us all if it is not dismantled.

The Insurgency is part of a long tradition of mass political movements in our history. It has the potential to make a fundamental change in American life—for the better.

. . .

The Democrats have been the main advocates of bigger government, so they are the most threatened by the Insurgency, and their servile allies in the legacy media have responded with the usual dishonest campaign of vilification. They have tried to demonize this new mass movement, and to alienate it from the center of the American electorate. So far, they have enjoyed only limited success in their shrill efforts at defamation. Labeling as “racist” all disagreements with any so-called Progressive position is an overused, worn-out weapon at this point, for instance—and leftists similarly overused and neutralized the word “fascist,” as George Orwell memorably recounted over 60 years ago. No one is fooled.

Nonetheless, the Republican Party will derive little joy from the Insurgency. It has similarly been stunned by the appearance of this massive outbreak of popular feeling and activity. The post-1994 decay of the GOP, especially during the Bush era, has shown the American people that no relief will come from the Republican Party unless it reforms itself first. The voters repudiated the GOP in 2006 and 2008, and with good reason.

The GOP seems to have initially believed that it could somehow ride public anger to victory in 2010 without offering any basic change in the way the game is played. The ongoing political massacre of establishment GOP politicians shows that this was incorrect; the public is onto their game. Time is running out for the GOP. The years 2010 and 2012 will be the GOP’s last opportunity to reform itself, and if it fails to do so, the GOP will be the first major victim of the Insurgency.

Much more. To understand the Tea Parties, to understand The Insurgency, to understand The Restoration, go and Read The Whole Thing, else you be as ignorant as our “betters” in Washington.