Noonish Whip, June 23, 2010

About the McChrystal Affair:

The man who should resign for dereliction of duty and insubordination is Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t get me wrong–if I were President, McChrystal would already be out of a job for abject stupidity in how he and his staff dealt with the Rolling Stone reporter. The McChrystal Flap [*1]

So what if the Commander in Chief is an Idiot. [*2] — He needs to be fired–in 2012, if not before.

Did Obama reap what he sowed with McChrystal? [*3] — Obama’s objective in appointing McChrystal was NOT to win the war, but to make Obama look good. That’s a very, very bad way to try to manage . . .

Don’t blame McChrystal, blame Obama [*4] — The problem with the Afghanistan war effort is not and never has been McChrystal. It’s been Obama.

Civilian press aide resigns amid flap over McChrystal’s ‘Rolling Stone’ profile [*5]

Media Has Long Record of Supporting Military Insubordination… Under Bush, Of Course [*6]

McChrystal: “I’ve compromised the mission” [*7] — Yes, General, you have . . .

Morning Bell: Obama’s Leadership Vacuum [*8] — . . . But then, so has your boss . . .

Open thread: Obama announcement on McChrystal’s status; Update: AP says he’s gone, Petraeus back to the front; Update: Fox confirms [*9] — Still waiting for Obama’s resignation, though . . .

Downsizing The Federal Government [*10] — Repeal. Reorganize. Renew.

Repeal Obamacare and the various other nightmare legislation the Democrats have passed.

Reorganize the entire Federal Government. No office, no employee is safe from the audit and the cutting block. The Federal Government is riddled with cancer–duplicated and ineffective programs, bloated bureaucracies, and improprieties small and large. Every single Federal agency gets an anal probe from truly independent auditors–both financial and legal–and all of the cancerous lesions that are found get cut out. It will hurt, but if we don’t do it, it will hurt worse later.

Renew the Constitutional contract between the American people and their government, by returning the Federal government to its proper roles, and returning to the States those powers not explicitly delegated by the people to the Federal government. Dems won’t pass budget in 2010 [*11] — Speaking of people who richly deserve to be fired for not doing their job . . . let alone ignoring their oath of office to preserve and defend the Constitution . . .

A Feminist Flare-Up: Is the “Year of Conservative Women” bad for women? [*12]

So what if the Commander in Chief is an Idiot. [*2]

Helpless Mainstreamers Grappling with Intellectual Property [*13]

Deepwater Drilling Ban Lifted by New Orleans Federal Judge [*14]

Subway chain apologizes for Salmonella outbreak [*15] — Subway! Eat Fresh . . . salmonellla!

Presidential Size Matters [*16] — When in doubt, vote for the fat man?

Software cuts CT radiation dose in half: study [*17]

Coffee may cut risk of head and neck cancers [*18] — Coffee . . . is there anything it can’t do?

Our Government Slowed Down the Gulf Cleanup [*19] — When will people figure out that the essential purpose of government is to make things more difficult to do? Think about it . . . make crime more difficult (law enforcement) . . . make earning a living more difficult (taxes), make running a business more difficult (regulation), etc., etc. Government is most successful when it is making life better by making things harder for some people. That’s what it does. Government doesn’t do so much as it prevents or hinders from doing. Exceptions, such as the Apollo program, are notable precisely because they’re so rare.

His Allies Are Deserting Him [*20]

A New Blacklist [*21] — The climate-changeists are getting more and more desperate . . .

Federal judge blocks Obama’s six-month moratorium on offshore drilling [*22] — You don’t ban driving because of a horrendous 20-car pileup in the fog . . .

Minnesota won’t expand Medicaid coverage until 2014 [*23] — So, why go straight to the politics narrative rather than to the fiscal responsibility narrative? Oh, I think we all know why . . .

U.S. public still backs offshore drilling [*24] — Because most Americans realize what Obama apparently doesn’t: it’s not so much that we want to drive cars, it’s that we have to drive cars. We don’t have a choice–until really workable solutions are available. Which they aren’t, yet, and won’t be for a very, very long time if people like Obama are allowed to have their way.

The Bifurcated Tea Party [*25]

Common sense prevails in judge’s decision to overturn drilling moratorium [*26]

Now scientists read your mind better than you can [*27]

Maverick: Obama Told Me Border Security Was Being Held Hostage To Amnesty, Too [*28]

Methane in Gulf “astonishingly high”: U.S. scientist [*29]

How to explain liberal fascination with left-wing tyrants? [*30]

Got An Old Hard Drive? [*31]

Dutch Sub [*32] — The Dutch are really going after the Somali pirates now . . . this could be fun . . . Netherlands submarine to join Somalia anti-pirate force [*33] — I’d be OK with the USA investing in a few dozen modern diesel-electric subs . . . for coastal defense, don’t you know . . .

Bringing Leviathan to Life: Experts Look at the Implementation of Obamacare [*34]

Spencer: The Inquisition [*35] — “You dare challenge global warming with scientific debate?

Interest rates fall on surprise drop in home sales[*36]

Nikki Haley Wins GOP Runoff! [*37] — And so, the right wants to argue ideas, the left continues to want to argue skin color and identity politics . . . it’s really, really frustrating . . .

Obama doubles down: Salazar to issue new order on drilling moratorium [*38]

Today’s GOP [*39]

Nation’s Most One-Sided Senate Race [*40]

The Market for News [*41] — Which references the following:

Newspapers Are Still Dying, But the News Is Not Going Anywhere [*42]

Tariffs [*43] — My only quibble is that “engineers” and “people going into the sciences and mathematics” probably should be reversed. “Those who can’t do . . .”

Why Is It That Nothing Sounds Too Creepy For This Administration? [*44]

The University of Instapundit [*45] — A good, thorough daily reading and concerted attempt to understand the postings and linkings at Instapundit[*46] would quite likely be a better education than received from most universities–especially the “elite” universities . . . in political philosophy, at least . . .

It’s time for Royals to enter trade market [*47]

Beebe says Big 12 ADs OK with 10[*48]

MIND MELD: The Best Space Operas in Science Fiction [*49]

Pew Research Center: Governor Palin’s “Death Panel” Characterization Was One of the “More Powerful Semantic Weapons” Against Obamacare [*50] — They said, with grudging respect . . .

UND moves closer to Summit [*51]

Soros says Germany could cause euro collapse [*52] — Is it wrong of me to hope and pray for Soros’ collapse instead? That man has done more damage to the world economy–and hence more damage to the lives of regular peopple (in my humble opinion) than perhaps any other human being in history. And that doesn’t even consider his bankrolling the current socialist/totalitarian turn of the Democratic Party of the United States. If you’re a regular person, young, old, rich, poor–George Soros is Not Your Friend. I really do think he wants to control the world.

Brits Refute Obama – Dump Keynesian “Spend Your Way to Wealth” Plan [*53]

Summit … football? [*54]

Who is Barack Obama? [*55] — No, not a “birther” post or anything like that . . .

The Distinction between Theory and History [*56] — “Not all theories are moderately correct, and not all theoretical problems can be solved by asserting that each competing theory is partially valid. Some theories — even in economics — are just plain wrong; others are correct, regardless of the decade or century we are dealing with.”

A Climate of Belief: The claim that anthropogenic CO2 is responsible for the current warming of Earth climate is scientifically insupportable because climate models are unreliable [*57]

House Dems: No time for budget but plenty of time for campaign finance reform [*58]

Feds Shutting Down Sand Berms [*59] — I think this is an instance where the Gulf states should tell the Feds to go pound sand . . .

Reminder: Commies Still Suck [*60]

Obama Admin to Reissue Economy-Killing Drilling Moratorium [*61] — And again, perhaps “pound sand” is the appropriate response . . . coming from a Federal judge, the phrase might have that special little edge to it, don’t you think?

Downsize the Federal Government [*62]

Football season ticket sales set records [*63] — South Dakota State Jackrabbit football, that is . . .

Study: 26% of iPhones Die Within Two Years [*64]

Speak Out on Out-of-Control Spending [*65]

Dems in a Bad Economy: “Let’s Raise Taxes!” [*66]

New-home sales “collapse” in May [*67] — I may be wrong, but this is probably not the sign of a healthy, or even a recovering economy . . .

Newsweek Calls For All-Out Assault on Tea Party Movement [*68] — There’s a word for people who read Newsweek. It starts with “I” and ends with “diot.”

After Stealing Car, Then a Police Cruiser, Naked “Dirty, Hot, and Slippery” Woman Faces Felony Charges, Marriage Proposals [*69]

Separation Between Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens Might Have Occurred 500,000 Years Earlier, DNA from Teeth Suggests [*70]

Misinformation Fuels Leftists Attacks on Natural Gas [*71] — But then, misinformation fuels leftist attacks on almost everything . . . see above article about Newsweek . . . or, actually, many of the above articles, or the ones below, or ones in previous Whips . . .

USA Scores Solo Goal in 91st Minute To Beat Algeria, Advance to Round of 16 [*72] — Obama to speak to the nation tonight to apologize to Algeria . . .

Rules for pelicans [*73] — Peli-CANS!!!!!

U.S. and England squeeze into second round [*74]

Why Is the Democratic-Media Complex Hiding this Photo? [*75] — Oh, dear. And she’s a Democrat. And she’s a Democratic candidate for Congress. Oh, dear . . .