Morning Whip, May 3, 2010

A tentative return of the Whip after an extended and much-needed vacation. I’m still playing with the format (as I’ll probably be doing until the end of time, mainly because I can’t stand being bored). This one is more of a stream-of-consciousness format . . . it’s just things that catch my eye as they come into the Google Reader.

Here we go:

Seven Deadly Sins (If You’re a First Chapter) [*1]

Sawyer hits two homers as Jacks down Centenary [*2]

Park and Cruise — Is it really worth it? [*3]

UAL, Continental to form largest airline [*4]

Waiting to see what becomes of “big” leagues [*5]

Writing Your Book, part VII: The Beginning of the End [*6]

Sarah Palin Is on a Roll [*7] — “The left has done its best to demonize, ridicule, and reduce her, to no avail. The more that fair-minded Americans hear her, the more they are drawn to her. They no longer listen to Obama, but they do listen to her.”

The Extreme Left: A Ticking Time Bomb [*8] — There are ticking time bombs everywhere, it would seem. We need more than anything else steady nerves, do we not?

United name will live on, but the logo won’t [*9]

Some Social Aspects of Medical Socialism [*10] — “. . .the most effective argument for compulsory medicine is still to provide for people in the low income brackets who cannot provide for themselves. But in practice, and from the outset, the schemes always include a majority of members who could very well take care of themselves. And almost always they leave out a minority, especially the lowest income group, that still has to fall back on poor relief or private charity.”

Frontier initiates KC-Columbus flight [*11] — For all you Kansas City-area Ohio State fans . . .

Torches, smashed windows – must have been a Tea Party! [*12] — Oh, wait, it was those peaceful, harmless, in fact beneficial “undocumented immigrants” and their big-hearted American-citizen supporters. Oh. That’s OK, then.

Obamacare Will Kill Medical Technology [*13]

Limited Liability, Oil Spills, and Moral Hazard [*14]

Police: Man In Superman Cape Steals Big Rig [*15]

Mutual of Omaha’s Alex Gordon [*16]

China guards against “overseas hostile forces” on Web [*17]