Government considered as a protection racket

M. Simon posted this at Classical Values:

The government is in essence a criminal organization.

It can murder – through wars and punishment for crime.
It can print money.
It can make you a slave through taxes. (taxation is theft)
It can make you a slave through imprisonment.
It can kidnap you. (politely called arrest)
It can demand ransoms. (fines)
It can steal your property. (confiscations)

Now don’t get me wrong. Government has a certain utility. And we have laws and limits (in so far as possible). But ask yourself. Who do you trust with that kind of power? Who do you trust not to get corrupted by that kind of power?

I think it’s instructive and informative to consider just exactly what kind of criminal organization governments actually are.

It’s a protection racket, obviously. Government promises to protect you from bad guys, from harm, from whatever evil or harm it can discover, manufacture, or create in order to keep you in line and paying the protection money. So did Al Capone.

Consider government from this angle as you listen to debates on “health care reform,” “protecting the environment,” and “economic stimulus/recovery.” Who is government saying that they’ll protect? (Hint: they always say they’ll help you. As in “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”)

Who are they actually protecting? (Hint: it’s probably not you.)

Who will they get the money from to do that “protecting?” (Hint: it’s probably you.)

And watch how they talk about putting the the hit (sometimes figuratively, sometimes not) out those who have the temerity to oppose their schemes.