OK, let’s try this: Awful Library Books

Snookums wants me to go to the library more. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.[*1]

So in answer to some questions: No, the books on this blog are not necessarily “awful”, its just that “books-that-should- be- reconsidered- under-interpretation-of-current-collection developement-policies-and-retired” is not a fun name for a blog that is just trying to instigate a discussion on quality library collections!

Also, none of the books on this blog are the property of Holly and Mary. We wander through library catalogs and ILL our choices. We aren’t selling any books, but if you are serious about collecting some of these titles, I suggest you head to your nearest public library’s book sale room. ( I am sure they would be happy to relieve you of some money!)

Via BoingBoing[*2] .

OK, maybe it’s library book sales I should stay away from.