Beans, beans, the musical fruit . . .

Flatulence blamed for starting jail fight[*1]

Sheriff Jerome Kramer said the incident was a result ofovercrowding. The jail was built in 1933 and has a capacity of 23inmates, according to 2006 standards, Kramer said. As many as 65inmates have been lodged at the jail in recent days, he said.

“You just can’t get a reprieve from one another,” Kramer said. “Whenyou’ve got a guy causing problems passing gas, there’s no way to getaway from the smell.”

The report doesn’t say whether the offending action was “silent but deadly” or “loud and proud.”

More Facts on Farts here[*2] . I know you want to read it. Go on. Do it.

Didn’t Benjamin Franklin once write a pamphlet titled “Fart Proudly?” Why yes, he did[*3] .