Immigration, Again

For those twelve people still wrapped around the axle about immigration policy, let’s review:

Laws:  good
Breaking laws:  bad
Changing laws through the democratic process when needed:  good
Legal immigrants:  good
Current immigration bureaucracy:  very bad
Immigration reform:  good
Illegal immigrants:  bad
Changing laws to put the current illegal immigrants in the line (at the back of the line) to become legal immigrants:  good
Current border security:  very bad
Walls at the border to keep illegal immigrants out:  good
Border crossings to allow legal immigrants in:  good
Criminals driving panel trucks containing illegal immigrants stacked like cordwood through border crossings:  very bad
National Guard guarding the nation’s borders:  good
Thousands of well-intentioned dupes lead by Marxists and socialists marching in Washington, DC waving Mexican flags:  silly

Hope that clears things up.

I Got Nuthin’

OK, so I wake up early this morning, thinking I might do some current-affairs posting.  So I browse around for a while, looking here[*1] , looking there[*2] .  Nothing grabs me.

Maybe I’m still in the warm and fuzzy post-cruise zone, where I just can’t get too excited about anything.

Immigration reform?  Nah.

Iraq?  Eh.

Hayden/CIA hearings?   Yawn.

Iran?  Whatever.

Apathy?  Maybe, I dunno.

And Then There Were Seven

Valparaiso leaves the Mid-Continent Conference[*1] for the Horizon League.

The Horizon League will now have ten members.  But what happens to the Mid-Con?  Down to seven members, the minimum number to keep their NCAA basketball tournament automatic bid, the Mid-Con has to pick up members.  Top candidates are Indiana-Purdue Ft. Wayne, North Dakota State, and my alm mater South Dakota State.

Stay tuned . . .