Red Meat For the Bushitler Crowd

Or, perhaps red soyburger . . . Bush Prepares Historic Third Term[*1]

The Register article above quotes hitherto unknown “Constitutional Scholar” Bud Jamison:

“But,” Jamison continued, “Bush is so accustomed to having his way, and he exists in such a weird bubble of manufactured reality, that I can picture him believing that his second term could be extended. Still, I’m confident that someone among the gaggle of boot-licking toadies he’s surrounded himself with will muster the nerve to sit him down and explain the facts of life.

“This proposal will never see the light of day. It may take a while or reality to sink in, but once Bush appreciates the potential for grotesque public humiliation that he’s courting, he’ll kill it,”Jamison concluded.

As for the inevitable political fallout from the leaked memos alone, Jamison sees little for Bush to worry about.

“It shows incredibly poor judgment and galling arrogance on the Administration’s part, but that’s nothing new. And you can be sure that Bush and Cheney have got complete deniability in this little caper,” he said.

“And that goes for Gonzales, Miers, and Clement too. The five or six people involved will be sacked, and the press will be told that the affair was merely the unauthorized creation of a handful of over-zealous underlings acting on their own. The Republican-controlled Congress will decline to investigate, and the issue will soon be forgotten. A break in the Natalee Holloway investigation is all it takes for a story like that to be erased permanently from the news.”

Honestly, the story reads more like an article from The Onion[*3] or Scrappleface[*4] than anything newsworthy. Actually, it sounds a lot like a lefty fever-dream.

UPDATE: Shhh, don’t tell anybody leaning left, but the whole story is a pretty obvious parody. I’d have caught it a bit sooner if I were a Three Stooges[*2] fan.

UPDATE 2:  Heh.  I just now realize what the date is today. Heh.  Lord, I’m so slooooooow[*5] sometimes.