The Immigration Hullabaloo

I can’t seem to get worked up over the Big Crisis Of The Week:  immigration/illegal aliens/border control/whatever you want to call it.

Maybe because several things just seem to me to be common sense:

1.  People who are in the country illegally have commited a crime for which the appropriate punishment is deportation to their source country.  If they have families here or there that will suffer, that’s their fault, not mine, not the Federal Government’s.  My fallback position is to build an enormous camp in the Arizona desert where we’ll put all the illegals who can’t or won’t go back to their home countries, enter them into the legal immigration process, and have them wait their fair turn along with the people in those countries who are playing by the rules.

2.  If it’s too easy to cross the border to become a person covered by #1 above, then let’s put up a big ol’ fence to make it harder.  It’s our border.  We get to decide whether we want it to be a shallow river, or a Great Wall of America.

It seems to me that just following through on points 1 and 2 would pretty much clean up any problem we have with our immigration system.