J.R. Dunn’s Articles

As previously noted here on Medary.com, J.R. Dunn has written a three-part strategy paper entitled Prospects of Terror: An Inquiry into Jihadi Alternatives, at The American Thinker[*1] .

Here is Part One[*2] .

Here is Part Two[*3] .

Here is Part Three[*4] .

And here are the closing two paragraphs:

We are not as they are, and we never shall be. We are the people who go out to see what’s the matter when we hear sobbing in the darkness. This leads to much in the way of pain and trouble, but also to a share of glory that is ours alone because no one else, no empire or nation down the long ages, has ever quite done things the way we do them.

A last thought to keep in mind is that the Plan was for the U.S. by this time to be cowering in helpless terror while a resurgent caliphate consolidated its gains and prepared to expand. Nothing like this has occurred. Therefore, we’re ahead. The challenge is to keep it that way.

It is well worth taking an hour or so to read the entire series.