Where we’ve been this time

This latest extended hiatus from posting started with being snowed/iced in by a blizzard/ice storm after Thanksgiving in South Dakota. We lived by candle-light and generator at my sister’s place for a couple of days, then escaped back home to Kansas City, just in time to board an airplane for Ft. Lauderdale and take a Caribbean cruise.

So, there are lots of pictures to post and stories to tell. Snookums and I are entering a (relatively) slow period travel-wise, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some of those stories over the next month or so. That doesn’t mean we won’t be on the road–we’ve got a couple of basketball trips planned. And, generally, we’ll also be catching up on some of the UT and SDSU basketball and sports news.

The Conference Map Project has been stagnant for far too long, too. I really need to crank out the 2005-06 Division I and Division II maps, preferably before the Final Four is completed. Sigh.