It’s not just me

Seems that long-time political blogger Bill Hobbes is tiring[*1] of the all-politics-all-the-time world:

The biggest change: I’m going to suspend writing about politics for awhile. After four years of writing about Tennessee state government and the state budget – more, actually, if you count the more than a year that I wrote about that topic for the City Paper and, before that, for about a year for the now-defunct weekly In Review – I need a break from it.

I’ll be publishing non-political essays here from time to time – because I’m a writer not just by trade and training but by nature. I might also do some more photo-blogging. And, occasionally, if I have some new insight into this fast-evolving new world of citizen journalism that hasn’t already been noted by Jeff Jarvis or J.D. Lasica or Jay Rosen I might peck out an essay on that.

But what you won’t see me doing is day-to-day coverage of and commentary on what’s in the news that day in state or national politics and government. Instead, I’ll post, without commentary, links to articles and blog posts that I’ve read and think you might like or benefit from reading too.

It didn’t take me near as long as him to burn out on the daily grind. But I’m enjoying life more now by not thinking I have to post ten different things every day, I know that.