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Tuesday, November 24 2015 @ 04:03 PM CST

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What came first?

The climate alarmism, or the psychological problems?

Climate Scientists Face Psychological Problems

Or is hysteria about "climate change" (or whatever "extreme weather" or whatever the ever-changing scare-word for the ever-changing weather and climate is this week) itself a marker of mental illness?

When science becomes religion (i.e. saying things like "the science is settled" and invoking nonsense like "the precautionary principle") then science ceases to be science. Science is the very definition of constant, rigorous doubt in, and testing of, one's own observations, theories, judgments, conclusions.

Religion is faith.

Fanatical religion is faith combined with an unwillingness to even consider any alternatives to the received dogmas and doctrines.

The extreme alarmists among climate "scientists" are not practicing science. They are acting like priests of a religion of mysteries. They might as well be wearing miters and swinging braziers of burning incense, invoking the gods of computer models and the mysteries of highly complex, poorly understood non-linear fluid dynamics to terrify the masses who do not speak the Latin of Science-ese. They worship not science, but power.

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The Whip, Rebooted

Hello, there! Remember once upon a time when I did a "whip" . . . basically a list of articles I'd stumbled across on the web that I thought were of interest?

Why yes, it is a lot of work, actually, which is why I didn't keep it up.

But paraphrasing what Kara said on the old Star Trek TV show's worst ever episode, Spock's Brain, "Work and work . . . what is work?"

So, a tentative, nay furtive return of The Whip:

Why are American schools slowing down so many bright children? Better question: Why are American schools drugging and dumbing down so many bright children - - especially boys?

A Nation Empowered: Evidence Trumps the Excuses Holding Back America’s Brightest Students - - The University of Iowa is, sorta, on the case!

Google Chrome Listening In To Your Room Shows The Importance Of Privacy Defense In Depth. I hate Google only slightly less than I hate, oh, say, Comcast. Google's corporate slogan is, allegedly, "Don't Be Evil." Yeah . . . Evil - - I do not think the word means what you think it means, Google.

PSA Announcement: If you want somebody prosecuted and/or fired simply because what they say has offended your tender sensibilities, you are not being a nice person. And yes, I myself have occasionally been guilty of this on occasion. None of us are perfect, are we?

Another PSA Announcement: "Fascism/fascist" - - I do not think the word means what you think it means. It is not simply a synonym for "poopy-butt."

That's all for now.
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The absence this time

"Wherever I have been, I am back." - Gandalf the White (nee Grey)
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Wrong, and More Wrong

You may think that it is wrong to withhold services to someone because you disagree with their lifestyle, and that disagreement may rise to the level of a religious conviction.

In Christianity (somewhat unique among the major religions), a major tenet is "hate the sin but love the sinner."

Is it wrong then to withhold your services?

From a crass commercial, economic standpoint, it's a rather silly and short-sighted thing to do, and I think there's little disagreement on that point.

But those errors in judgment (if they are errors in judgment) pale in comparison to the vitriolic, frenzied, mindless hate spewed towards anyone who dares to make those rather minor errors.

Threatening someone with social ostracism, shunning, and violence is an entirely different, and more serious level of social transgression than is simply withholding services to someone you do not wish to serve.

What are you doing?

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They Broke The Blog!

My hosting provider upgraded PHP. That's good, right?

Not when it breaks the blog software which, admittedly, I have not been terribly diligent in upgrading lately.

So now I'm running beta code.


Anyway, it's ugly, but it's working, for certain definitions of working. And when I get time to pretty it up, I shall do so.

Whew. Now to go fix the blog side of . . .
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The right to say "no"

No means no, right?

Well, unless a gay couple asks you to make them a wedding cake.

In that instance, no means hate.

Or so we are told by the shrieking media lynch mobs of the Social Justice Warriors.
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Starbucks VP-Communications deletes Twitter account

Because he's a SJW* idiot (but I repeat myself).

A Starbucks executive just deleted his Twitter account after backlash over the company's new 'race together' campaign.

Also, Starbucks coffee sucks. That's why you need all the cream and sugar in it to choke it down.

* "Social Justice Warrior": An officious, overbearing, busybody of a mindless knee-jerk leftist twit who has an overwhelming need to feel superior to others by being more "sensitive" or "tolerant" than the next guy, or gal . . . and expresses that sensitivity and tolerance by being astonishingly intolerant and insensitive. They treasure "respectful conversations" which they then define as agreeing with them 100%. If you do not, you are a racist, sexist, homophobe, "worst person in the world," etc, etc.
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The long climb, the sudden fall

You've noticed that posting has been . . . sporadic here? Yeah, about that . . . what's to say, really? The entire world is spiraling out of control, out of sanity, descending back into the dark pit of human excess. The deep, dark pit from which the long climb of rationality had, from ancient Greece through the best traditions of Christianity, the Reformation, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the American Experiment, for a shining moment, lifted the human race to a better place.

It has saddened me beyond words to realized that most people have looked at that better place and said "No, thank you, we prefer the dank darkness of the pit."

We have a President who truly believes that "because I said so" is a valid governing principle.

We have a media whose fondest wish is to be thought kindly of by that President, and so has absolutely no interest in investigating any of his administration's transgressions and illegalities.

We have an opposition party whose fondest wish is not to oppose that President, but to be thought kindly of by that media.

We have paid shills among us who try their damnedest to shout down anyone who says an untoward word about the President.

We have fellows among us who mindlessly mouth the bromides of the paid shills because that is all they've ever heard, and take visceral offense at any person who dares to utter an "offensive" thought in their presence. And they find nearly everything offensive, and attack the "offender" in the most vicious manner they think they can get away with.

The climb was long. The fall has been sudden. It seems that the only hope now is that we don't fall all the way down to the bottom.
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A Vote For Exploding Trains

Obama has vetoed a bill, passed by Congress, to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline.

Eight days ago, a train carrying crude oil exploded in West Virginia.

Moving oil by rail is more risky than moving oil via pipelines.

The only reason for Obama's veto is his radical, far-left "progressive" ideology of forcing Americans to pay higher prices for energy because of their unshakable belief that "the environment" is more important than actual, living people.

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Oh, but the press has no bias . . .

They report straight, right down the middle, calling 'em as they see 'em.