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Squashed Philosophers

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Via Memepool, an idea whose time has come:

Glyn Hughes' Squashed Philosophers.

A web site which condenses Western philosopher's work down to our current sound-bite attention span. Or something like that. I especially like the reading time icons to the right of each philosopher's entry. A definite keeper.

Bush Continues To Be Right

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Today's "Bush Was Right" editorial courtesy the Chicago Tribune.

Um, `Could Bush be right?'
Published March 6, 2005

Who on Earth wants to be known as the last foe of freedom? . . .

No movement has only one catalyst: Palestinians, for example, needed to be free of Yasser Arafat before independence could emerge as an option. But Washington's muscular diplomacy unarguably is playing a crucial role throughout the Mideast. For one repressive regime after another, the sight of American soldiers at long last enforcing United Nations resolutions--and bestowing democracy on a subjugated people--surely must concentrate the mind.

What's a Medary?

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The settlement of Medary was one of the first white settlements in what is now South Dakota. In 1869, a permanent settlement was founded on the Big Sioux River, and named after the third and last Territorial governor of Minnesota, Samuel Medary, whose son, Samuel Medary, Jr. accompanied the party as engineer and surveyor.

When the railroad came through in 1879, Medary was bypassed to the north by about 4 miles south. The town didn't immediately pick up and move to the railhead at Brookings, but over the years dwindled away.

Today, the southern edge of Brookings is now within a mile or two of the old Medary town site. Medary Avenue in Brookings runs north and south, and bisects the South Dakota State University campus. Medary Commons is on the SDSU campus, and Medary Elementary School is just off Medary Avenue.

Brookings County History
Brookings Tourist Information
The Town of Medary
Pre-Territorial History of Dakota Territory

Morning Whip, 3/5/05

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The Whip Victory for VoIP: FCC rules that a local telco/ISP can not block Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic from their customers.

Gas is expensive. And it's won't be getting any cheaper. Why? Wal-Mart. I'm serious - gas is expensive because the emerging economies of Asia, led by China, are using more and more energy resources. All the sudden, President Bush's call for hydrogen-powered cars doesn't seem quite as frivolous as some commented after the 2003 State of the Union address. The key is alternative methods of electricity generation. Time to reconsider nuclear power plants? Or how about the new, high-efficiency solar panel technology?

That's it this morning. Go out and play, everyone, it's Saturday.

Morning Whip 3/4/05

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The Whip An excellent Whip day today, if I do say so myself.

My nephew asks "what's up with all the Duke ads" on Medary.com. Sorry, Bryan, you'll have to ask Google, they control the ad links here by scanning the page for content. Oops, there's another Duke mention. Oops, another one. Bryan wants North Carolina references. Sorry, Brian, to do that I'd need to mention North Carolina and Tarheels a lot.

My sister likes singing the Monkeys Have No Tails In Zamboanga song in the morning while out camping. Your life is more full for knowing that, I'm sure.

News Flash: the Aryan Nation is NOT moving from Pennsylvania to Kansas City, Kansas. I'll admit, I'm hard-pressed to recommend where they should go, exactly, although a certain very warm subterranean location comes to mind.

Big in the Blogosphere: the Federal Election Commission apparently has not read or understood the Constitution. Apparently half (the Democrat half, at that, go figure) of the FEC seems to think that linking from a web site to a campaign site constitutes a donation and thus falls under regulation. I wonder if it's OK to link to the Aryan Nation web site. Or the FEC web site. Or the House of Representatives site. Or the "Monkeys have no Tails in Zamboanga" site. Or the University of North Carolina Tar Heels site. This via Instapundit.

Peter Jackson wants his money for Lord of the Rings. Meanwhile, Hobbit fossils are causing strife among scientists. Maybe Sauron isn't dead after all - this is the kind of thing he'd enjoy.

Tar Heels.

Finally this morning, another entry for the "Bush was right" file, this time from Daniel Schorr. This via freerepublic.com.

Morning Whip 3/3/05

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The Whip The Global Flyer - Steve Fossett closes in on completing a round-the-world solo flight.

The mainstream media's macabre fascination with the Iraq body count continues.

Meanwhile, the flame of freedom continues to flicker in Lebanon.

Greenspan: deficits bad, Social Security is in fact fubar'ed.

And, the Award for Most Disingenuously Confusing First Line in a News Article Award goes to: The Detroit Free Press, for Poll: Social Security plan wins young voters' support
WASHINGTON -- While polls show that President George W. Bush is losing support for his push to partly privatize Social Security, the group he's winning support from may be the most important one politically -- young people.

Another reason why it's a bad idea to make public policy according to poll results.

Ah, the Replacements. One of my all-time favorite bands. I might have to make my way down to the Grand Emporium tomorrow night.

Morning Whip, 3/02/05

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The Whip Judge, Lawyer on Saddam Tribunal Killed. This being the same judge that the Iraqi provisional authority pleaded with the media to keep his name secret. Coincidence? Or irresponsible media?

Supreme Court bars juvenile executions. Yawn. Yet another issue decided by the unelected, unaccountable nine-member Ruling Council of the United States. Remind me again what we elect legislators for?

IE drops below 90 percent market share. What can you say? Firefox is a better browser.

Morning Whip, 2/28/05

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The Whip Breaking: Fox News is showing an anti-Syrian demonstration in Beirut. Thousands of Lebanese, flying the cedar tree flag. No link yet that I can find.

Who watched the Oscars? Me neither. What's the over/under--a 20 share?

Gee, President Bush wins a Razzie. Har, har, har. That cracks me up. Really. Har.

Got Ding? Southwest Airlines wants you to. Too bad you can't find it on the SWA web site.

Without Moody, the Jayhawks are pretty ordinary. With Moody, the Jayhawks are Final Four contenders. All hail the role player!

Morning Whip, 2/27/05

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The Whip Victor Davis Hanson, writing in the Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal (registration required) again calls the European's bluff on their hypocritical attitudes toward America. VDH is always a good read . . .

Until postmodern Europe rightly assumes a role commensurate with its moral rhetoric, population, and economic strength, out of envy or pride it will often seek to undercut and occasionally embarrass the U.S.--at least up to that fine, though ambiguous, point of not quite alienating its hyperpower patron. For our part, we cannot ridicule Europe's present military impotence only to oppose its nascent efforts at a unified defense establishment. So go to it, Europe--one voice, one army, one U.N. Security Council seat!

Jacks win! Jacks win! Jacks win! Now, it's a bit silly I know to get excited about a college basketball team's tenth win occuring at the end of February, but these are my Jackrabbits. Not many teams get to end their season with a win. You gotta understand. It's a fan thing.

Lady Jacks, however, lose for the second time to arch-rival North Dakota State. Still, 20 wins in your first year in D-I and wins over Alabama, Kentucky, and Oklahoma State is not a bad thing. One more game to go for the Lady Jacks . . .

Note to editorial writers: Any editorial which includes both "quagmire" and "exit strategy" can safely be ignored if not ridiculed for showing an utter lack of comprehension of the post-9/11 world. No link here. You know who you are.