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The Grand Asia & Australia Voyage, part 41

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The Grand Asia & Australia Voyage - Holland America Amsterdam, September 19-November 23, 2008

Text by Snookums, Pictures by Filbert

Part Forty-one

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November 8 (Saturday, Day 53, Noumea, New Caledonia - Continued) -

We stayed in the water for probably an hour before Snookums got cold. We got out and warmed up and got back in and saw more of the same (but it was awesome!). We took the water taxi back at 12:30 and decided that it was the best snorkeling ever. The water was clear, the fish and coral were beautiful and there were no other snorkelers around. (Well, there were other people snorkeling, but we rarely encountered them since the snorkel area was so large and only about 20 people were snorkeling.) It was great.

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