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Send some business towards Lowe's

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Lowe's employees come to the rescue of disabled vet with broken wheelchair:

In 1971, I stepped on a land mine in Vietnam and lost both legs above the knee.

For the past two years, I have been waiting to receive a new wheelchair from the Veterans Administration. In addition, I have been told that I am not entitled to a spare wheelchair.

On the evening of July 7, my wheelchair fell apart again, while shopping at Lowe's Home Improvement Center in on Forest Avenue in Mariners Harbor.

Go to the link and "read the whole thing".

This happened at a Staten Island, NY Lowe's home improvement store. If you're in the market for anything that Lowe's sells, drop by to one of their stores and buy it there. And tell the Lowe's people you heard about what the Lowe's store employees at the Mariner's Harbor store on Staten Island did for the disabled Vietnam vet.

Hattips: Weasel Zippers via Ace of Spades HQ (the AoSHQ comments, of course).