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The Whip (or) Lookie, everyone! A Post!

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When you're too lazy/otherwise occupied to actually post an article, what do you do?

Link dump!

First, links with snark/pithy comment:
Thank Wal-Mart for your new bank card fee -- The title should be: "Thank Wal-Mart And Senator Dick Durban For Your New Bank Card Fee" -- it wouldn't have happened without government intervention in the market.

Gunwalker: Under White House Control?- New documents reveal extensive White House communication with the ATF head behind the scandal. - Like Watergate, except an office break-in is a bit different than handing out guns to killers who then go out and kill, isn't it?

Sunday Reflection: Changing the Constitution -- I like the idea of banning U.S. Senators from seeking the Presidency . . .

Economic Growth, Not Income Redistribution, Is What Helps Us All -- Well, yes, that's what has worked since the 1600's, not that the "progressives" have noticed . . .

Koch Brothers Flout Law With Secret Iran Sales -- A classic, textbook hit piece. See if you can divine the author's agenda. "Telling the truth" isn't it. Sans Comment:
Barack Obama: Commute Killer

Alcohol Is The Enemy Of The Family And Civilization

New Kindle line to be offered at Best Buy, Staples

The Clear and Present Danger Posed by Space Captains

Post-Carbon America: Forget about 'peak oil' and global warming. What about two centuries from now, when we'll really need help?

It ainít a Tea Party

The Epic Fail of the Wall Street Protests

Blinding Red Lights: An interview with Jay Beeber

Furiously unraveling: Gun scandal still growing

Writer's/SF Corner
National Novel Writing Month -- November.

Running on Batteries: Introverts and Conventions

Being the Anti-Harry Potter is a Good Thing in Adult Fiction

Writing SF for Young Readers by Greg R. Fishbone

A reading list: Generation Ships

Your reactions to Doctor Who: The Wedding Of River Song

Does Great Science Require Great Science Fiction?

Emotional and Intellectual Closure

Douglas Hulick: Me, Myself, and the IE -- In this context, "Internal Editor".

Star Trek sequel update

Injury latest obstacle for SDSU's Harris: Injured kicker an upbeat presence for 1-4 Jackrabbits

Beef Bowl wrap