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Moron, The Clown Congress

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Isn't it nice to know that the current, 111th Congress, has earned a name? Not many Congresses have aspired to a label. Most of them have been content with a number. Of course, we had the original ones, the Continental Congresses, which formed the United States of America in the first place. Few others, even the momentous post-Civil War Reconstruction Congresses, the Progressive Congresses before the First World War, the New Deal Congresses of the Great Depression, and the Civil Rights/Vietnam War Congresses of the 1960's did not really coalesce around a single identity which could be described with a single name.

But the Congress elected with Obama in 2008?

The Clown Congress.

Unable to govern, the Democrats turn to Stephen Colbert

A Congress Of, By, and For Clowns.

Let's throw the Clowns out this November, what do you say?