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Sunday Whip, July 25, 2010

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Five Minutes With Andrew Breitbart
Q: Anything else folks should know about this or about Andrew Breitbart?

Believe it or not, one of my primary motives on this planet is to stop this racism, and to stop the Democratic Party's use of race that divides us intentionally. Google me and Clarence Thomas. I went from left to right because I watched this tactic happen to him and I aligned myself with black conservatives. Free thinkers recognize the Democratic Party will do or say anything to instill fear into black Democratic voters. . . . Shirley Sherrod in that video said those who disagree with Obamacare are coming from a racist point of view. That is a troubling racist sentiment.

And this is the greatest tragedy--the greatest crime--that the neo-feudalist left has committed against this country with the Sherrod affair--and with so many other instances of rabidly shouting "RAAAAACIST!" as a craven political tactic to shut up and shut down opposing voices. The dirty secret is that the festering pus of lingering racism in the United States is flowing from the left--from the "progressives"--from the very same neo-feudalists who organize intellectual lynch mobs against anyone who really, really took to heart Martin Luther King's words about judging people on the content of their character.

What the neo-feudalist "progressives" do to the "national conversation on race" is obscene. They're the ones who should be shouted down--not the brave few on the Right like Breitbart who stand up to the neo-feudalists. North Korea declares "sacred war" on U.S. and South

Rorschach Test -- What your reaction to the Shirley Sherrod affair can tell you about yourself, perhaps . . .

Climate science could take a cue from genome data release

Refudiate Liberalism! Sarah Palin was on to something. -- Refute + Repudiate = Refudiate. Because in today's post-modernist world, it does not necessarily follow that something that has been refuted will also necessarily be repudiated. Counterexamples abound . . . "intelligent design," "anthropogenic global warming," "Keynesian economics," "big government," "socialism," "the Democratic Party," "the Republican Party," etc., etc.

Guest Blog Post: Active Reading For Better Writing

Journolist -- Should be viewed with the sound on. My main editorial comment would be that the chirping birds should probably have been crickets . . .

I'll also just point out in passing that this comes from a site run by folks that were, during the 2008 Presidential primaries, STAUNCH hard-core Democrats. Before Obama happened to them. Before they discovered the truth behind the lies told by Democrats and leftists.

Once your eyes have seen, you will never truly be blind again.

CNN Host Calls for Crackdown on 'Bloggers' in Wake of Sherrod Incident: 'Something’s Going to Have to be Done Legally' -- And, of course, being the contrarian I am, I start thinking that "something's going to have to be done legally" about CNN's penchant for spinning and shaping the news by sins of omission and commission to move public opinion--always it seems towards more governmental power.

Things like this always sound like good ideas until you're the one staring down the barrel of a police-state gun pointed at you. Be careful what you wish for, CNN . . . "there but for the grace of God" and all that . . .

Patronage, Principles, and Political Parties -- A short meditation on the history of American political parties, from the increasingly relevant Paul A. Rahe . .

The case against Elena Kagan -- Is it really too much to ask that Supreme Court justices actually, you know, uphold the actual Constitution--the one on paper--rather than the one swimming around in their heads? Sadly, apparently, the answer to that question is yes, it really is too much to ask.

Journolist Archives prove Media coordinated assault on Sarah Palin to secure Obama election
In Chicago, the Liberals around him cringed, as that excitement and energy reverberated through the large screens and smacked them in the face.

K. will never forget two Liberal women, clutching each other, faces blanched, with true dread in their eyes.

“What are we going to do now? She’s incredible. He can win now, with her. What are we going to do?”.

“We need to destroy her. We need the media to destroy her”.

“They need to do their job. They need to destroy her”.

And try to destroy her the Media did.

Just like those two Chicago Libs wanted them…expected them…to do.

When in doubt, destroy, seems to be the standing policy of the "progressives" of the neo-feudalist left.

'A Commandeering of the People' -- Does political power come from the people in this country, or does it come from the neo-feudalists who would be your lords and masters? You still have a choice. For a little while longer, anyway.

Breaking: Anita MonCrief to File FEC Charges Against Obama Administration -- Actually, the Obama campaign not the Administration, but still, in a country with a truly free and independent press, this would be a bombshell of enormous magnitude. This is Watergate-level corruption. Bigger than that, actually . . . not that the Coverup-Media will bother to notice it. And you can bet the FEC will be instructed to bury this, too. It's the Chicago Way.

Obama's Soft-Core Socialism -- I'm not sure that this isn't really full-frontal socialism. Actually, the more technically correct term for what Obama and the Democrats are busily implementing would be "fascism," but since the shrieking Left has rendered that word as meaningless "racist" as a useful description of human behavior, I've had to go with "neo-feudalism."

"Creative Destruction" -- A classic essay on the complex emergent organizing behavior of free people freely associating in an economy of free exchange. Note the word "free" in the previous sentence. There is no political freedom without economic freedom. There is no economic freedom without political freedom.

Anatomy of a Scandal: Why conservatives nationwide should care about what Lee Roupas has done to the Cook County GOP -- We must at all times continue to demand--DEMAND that those whom we elect to represent us are the best of us.
The BEST of us. Not sleazebags like Charlie Rangel (for instance) or like the craven power-mongers of the RINO GOP.

Journolist and the loneliness of the long-distance conservative blogger

JournoList: 107 Names Confirmed (with news organizations) -- A list of people whose independence is Not To Be Trusted. Also a list of organizations whose independence is similarly Not To Be Trusted.

Youths turn on Obama: Shock poll reversal

Settled science: Can everyplace really be warming much faster than everyplace else? -- A highly amusing observation, backed up by no less than seventeen different alarmist news stories . . .

The Calculus of Racism -- If the neo-feudalists really, really want to make racism an issue, I think the liberty movement is more than willing to take them on. They won't win the argument. Because when it comes down to it, it is the "progressive" neo-feudalists who are the racists.

There is nothing racist about liberty. In fact, liberty is the exact opposite of racism.

Britain Plans to Decentralize Health Care -- You know that feeling you have when you're the only person walking one way when everybody else is going the other direction--that sort of "salmon-swimming-upstream" feeling? . . .

‘Sometimes I Think You Guys Are A Bunch Of Cowards’ -- The words are Fox News' Greta van Sustern, interviewing Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan who is possibly the only adult left in Congress today . . .

Seven Eminent Physicists Skeptical of AGW

Coming Soon: The Biggest Tax Increase Ever -- How Not To Stimulate An Economy, by Barack H. Obama . . .

The Liberal Tax Revolt: Is it a Game-Changer? -- No. "Progressives" and taxes are almost exactly like hard-core alcoholics and alcohol. Even when they begin to suspect that it's killing them, they still can't resist another drink. The "progressives" will have to hit rock-bottom before they can hope to begin the long, slow process of recovery. In the context of the present political situation, "hitting rock bottom" means, to begin with, being totally purged from the Republican Party in favor of the classical Republican coalition of the Constitution-based liberty movement and the traditional faith-based community of the country. But that by itself is not hitting bottom for the "progressives." They need to be pushed out of all of their currently dominant positions in academia, entertainment, the media, and the popular culture. The Democratic Party needs to be demolished--erased from American political culture, gone the way of the 19th Century Whigs. Businesses need to stop donating to Democrats. All of them. People need to stop buying or watching "progressive"-dominated media and entertainment. Approval and donations need to be withdrawn from all of the bastions of "progressive" academia--the Ivy-League, Big-10, Big-12 and other "elite" universities.

Chris Christie on ABC’s This Week -- If more politicians were like Christie, this country would be in a much, much better place.

Oh Boy: White House Recommended Release of Lockerbie Bomber Over Jailtime In Libya -- Worst. President. Ever. Freedom for terrorists, serfdom for Americans. Nice.

Hollywood Babylon—For Ugly People: A week of navel-gazing coverage of Andrew Breitbart, the Journolist, and race
If you haven’t noticed the recent “news,” you blissfully missed another week of Beltway navel-gazing, of self-referential media stories, holier-than-thou sermonizing about journalistic ethics, and the usual bipartisan accusations of race-baiting.

Which, unfortunately, you could say about just about any week in recent memory . . . (except for the bipartisan accusations of racism--that's a relatively recent development) . . .