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The Whip, July 19, 2010

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The Aristocracy Of The Left -- They want nothing more or less than to re-establish a kind of feudalism--with them as the lords and masters, and you and me as the peasants. That's the game. That's why they're so upset at the Tea Parties. They see it as simply a revolt of the peasants. At some point, they will put it down--probably with the traditional tactics used throughout history with unruly serfs and peasants--all the while loudly claiming that it's all the peasant's fault, and we had it coming, for daring to challenge our "betters." Unless, that is, the peasants can manage to "storm the castle" via the ballot box in the next couple of national elections. If not, it will be a future of either resignation to feudalism, or revolution. Seems to me like voting the bums out is by far the preferable strategy and outcome for everybody concerned--even for the neo-feudalists themselves, who in that scenario will not be at any risk of being lined up against a wall should they actually provoke a popular revolution which and succeeds in overthrowing them in the USA (which is, as always, the "last hope of Man on Earth.")

Everybody's got skin in this game. It's all a matter of understanding what the game actually is.

TARP audit claims Obama admin destroyed “tens of thousands” of jobs in dealer closures -- But, see, this is a good thing, because all of those car dealership employees were probably rich Republican fat-cats who had it coming for being racists, anyway . . . NAACP: ‘Useful Idiots’ of Liberal Racism -- From yet another Person of Enhanced Melanin . . .

CBS' Bob Schieffer: I Didn't Ask Eric Holder About The New Black Panthers Case Because I Didn't Know About It

Stenography as Journalism

Newsweek: Maverick Scott Brown Is The New McCain -- So, Brown is the new weak-minded, easily-duped straw-man Republican that can be manipulated by the Ruling Class whenever they need a token Republican to provide "bipartisanship?" Do I have that right?

Governor Palin and the Pink Elephants -- Particularly ironic that the actual cure for the hangover we're going to have from the current binge-spending bender that the Ruling Class has been on will be Pink Elephants. Almost poetic in its sense of ironic justice.

Looking for that big wave

The World's Happiest Countries: By and large, rich countries are happier — and that's no coincidence. -- Well, if you don't spend fourteen hours a day scratching out enough to barely feed and house yourself and maybe your family, then yeah, you'll probably be a lot happier. And, envy is a very, very powerful human emotion. Very powerful, and very, very destructive. That's why it's one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

But what if you don't consent? -- In the New Progressive Paradise, consent will be mandatory.

REVIEW: We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

Traditional books 'may not survive electronic age'

Bizarro fiction: it's terribly good -- Hmm . . .

The Place of Mises's Liberalism

It’s Not About Philosophy-It’s About Common Sense

Poll: DC Elites Out Of Touch On Tea Party, And Everything Else

Senate Forecast, 7/18: Republican Outlook Improves with Focus on Likely Voter Polls

No One Steps Forward to Serve in Detroit-- Who wants to be a Detroit school board member? NOBODY!

The Best of Times
the primary qualification of journalism will soon be, if isn’t already, the power of the reporter’s reputation. Right now reputation is derived in part from who he works for. In the future it will be largely correlated with who he is. This further suggests that no two ‘journalists’ — if the phrase may still be used — are going be funded or ‘employed’ in quite the same way. Each writer will find himself supported by a combination of patronage from readers, fees from publication, advertising revenues and his own day job earnings and consulting. He will be his own brand. Perhaps no one, except a very few, will ‘work full-time’ for a newspaper any more in the coming decades. Strangely this may be a harbinger of the general state of affairs. Individuals will still work for companies, but maybe they will be less defined by them than in the past. If so, one of the hardest things to do in the near future — and not just for journalists — will be write an old style resume.

300 Million People Can't Possibly Be Right

Is NAACP blind to Farrakhan & Co.? The Nation of Islam is built on racism and lies -- The author, Mr. Crouch, is a Person of Enhanced Melanin, I believe . . .

Conservatism 101: Never Let Your Enemies Tell You Who Your Friends Should Be

Pity the Postmodern Cultural Elite -- I will pity them after we are safe from their disastrous, wrong-headed power grab . . .

American politics has caught the British disease: Under Barack Obama, the phenomenon of class resentment is a live political issue, says Janet Daley. -- Yes, We Can! We Can, but You Can't--oh, no, not you, you're not part of the New Progressive Paradise we're building. You're too gauchely declasse . . . or too unapologetically rich (or simply want to be), or too white, or male, or or don't recycle enough, or don't vote Democrat, or . . .

Signs of the depression -- vanishing blacktop roads