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Independence Whip Finale, July 6, 2010

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(Actually, not the real finale . . . just the articles I bookmarked through sometime on July 4th itself. Yeah, I'm playing catchup again.)

Meltdown: Democrats Teetering On The Edge Of Political Abyss -- If "saying it makes it so" like the Democrats believe, then I'm going to go hoarse using this as a mantra . . .

Obama Has Killed Recovery -- "Progressive" policies and Keynesian economics simply don't work--not without a large, robust economy, internationally (that has traditionally been the USA) or a large, robust, resiliant private sector (domestically) to suck the life out of. When the golden goose of free enterprise can't lay enough golden eggs to pay for the welfare state and Keynesian economic ignorance, then things fall apart--like what happened in the 1930's. Like what is likely to happen in the 2010's, unless the Democratic agenda is not only stopped but decisively reversed, across the board.

Baghdad and Kabul? No – The Most Dangerous Place in the World is Between the Teachers Unions and the Public Trough -- I'm not so sure we wouldn't be better off simply abolishing any direct funding of education by government, and just give people vouchers to use for whatever educational needs they have. It wouldn't be a totally free market (after all, those vouchers would still be government scrip of a sort) but I think it needs to be seriously considered as an alternative to the state-capture of education in this country. Separate Education And State! Free The Schools! Could Obama be more unpopular? Part Two

Obama Fails to Square the Illegal-Immigration Circle

Hyperspectral Imaging by Library of Congress Reveals Change Made by Thomas Jefferson in Original Declaration of Independence Draft -- Pinpointing the moment when Americans stopped being "subjects" and became "citizens." Odd that some people want to go back to the former status, isn't it? And even more odd that those people call themselves "progressives."

Ignorance of the Law Is No Excuse. Unless You're in Law Enforcement.

AP: ObamaCare will flood nation’s emergency rooms

House “Budget Enforcement Resolution” Dodges Accountability -- Abdication of responsibility. Every single member of the House that voted for this (That being 215 House Democrats) should be removed from office, with prejudice. They will not be forgiven. 38 Democrats and all of the House Republicans voted responsibly. This vote will not damn them. Other votes, however, can, and some of them will.

Heh: Hatch, McConnell, Murkowski all early “no” votes on Kagan

The method to Obama's madness

Judge rules against St. Louis development plan -- More of this kind of decision, please, Judges of America . . .

Voters Trust Republicans

Obama's Brave New Deal, cont'd

The Recovering Economy: Euphemism for Depression

The GOP Attacks On Steele Are Pathetic

California State Workers Still Overpaid At $7.25 Per Hour

Illinois Stops Paying Its Bills, but Can’t Stop Digging Hole

Mr. Beck, Meet Mr. Chambers

Immigration, Assimilation and Sovereignty

Great news: TSA to block “controversial opinion” websites to employees

Declaration of Independence

The eternal meaning of Independence Day

What price Christie? part 6

Our Brains Are More Like Birds' Than We Thought

Andrew Breitbart presents Big Peace

The Third of July

Democrats fear end of New York gravy train

Spotting the Solar Regime Shifts Driving Earth’s Climate

Conservatives Are More Than Twice as Likely as Liberals to Be Strongly Patriotic, Says Gallup Poll

Socialism versus European Democracy

The Myth of the Social Security "Trust Fund"

Better Than Free -- "The internet is a copy machine."

What price Christie? part 7

A Tea Partier Responds to Sheryl Crow

NASA: The Next Generation -- Yeah, that whole space exploration thing is passe . . . what NASA really should do is make Moslems feel better about themselves . . .

Class-warfare battles have Democrats anticipating low fundraising numbers from NY

Obama, Designated Hero -- This leftist airbrushing of history brought to you by The Economist . . .

The CEO problem -- . . . "And then they came for the CEO's--and the CEO's said WTF?????" . . .

Regime Uncertainty—Now Maybe People Will Take the Idea Seriously

The Guardian: Climategate was ‘a game changer’

Markets Repeating Head and Shoulders Pattern of Great Depression

Dow Repeats Great Depression Pattern: Charts -- Oh, yeah, I've got a real warm fuzzy feeling about September/October, 2010 already . . . actually, that warm feeling is more like what you feel when you've had a dozen Miller Lites and don't quite make it to the bathroom in time . . . We Are So Screwed . . .

It’s the Liberty, Stupid: ‘Big Peace’ Launches!

Lessons of McDonald v. Chicago--By Glenn Harlan Reynolds -- The Instapundit gets one right in his wheelhouse . . .

Chicago newspaper: What were we thinking in electing this narcissistic empty suit?