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Corruption and Abuse of Power: An Independence Whip, July 2, 2010

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And Justice For All
The salient thing about J. Christian Adams’s accusation that the Obama administration deliberately let off the New Black Panther Party after it engaged in voter intimidation is that, if true, it constitutes a pure exercise in the abuse of power. The other wrongs it represents — the perversion of the electoral process, the violation of civil rights — are secondary. The most serious allegation in the whole affair is that the certain officials countenanced a crime because they wanted to. The most concentrated expression of tyranny is malice in the service of caprice.

If Obama knew that this investigation got quashed--let alone ordering its suppression--I personally think it rises to the level of an impeachable offense. It's that serious. Union official: Obama used me as a middleman to talk to Blagojevich about the Senate seat

NYPD, Stop-and-Frisk, and a Rock Star Police Chief

The SEIU Smoking Gun: Did Obama lie about Blago seat? -- If you throw enough people under the bus, sooner or later you high-center yourself . . .

PBS Station Caves To Leftist Donor, Cancels Discussion Panel of ‘Surge’ Film With Liz Cheney -- Remind me again why public funding of PBS is more important than, say, extending unemployment benefits?

The Trouble with Wikipedia: A Cautionary Tale -- "In February, PJM published an article on German government subsidies of English-language cinema. Why is an American translator from Berlin not allowing the information to appear on Wikipedia?"

So, did you hear the one about U.S. politicians lecturing Afghans on corruption? -- Ouch. That one stung.