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Independence Whip, June 29, 2010

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First in a series of Irregular Whips, as Whipping will be irregular through the Independence Day holiday period:

Two faces of the tea party
if one traces the origins of progressivism, as Ronald J. Pestritto does in Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism, one discovers the deep hostility of the progressives to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The progressives' hostility to the Declaration and the Constitution is rooted largely in nineteenth-century German thought.

It is an indisputable historical fact that "progressivism" and European 20th Century fascism are close intellectual cousins. And the American Left today are the direct heirs of the marriage of progressivism and Marxism. This is also an indisputable historical fact.

Sarah Palin may have an issue with comparing Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler. I don't. And the comparison is immediately above. No, I don't mean that Obama is going to round up the Jews any time soon and send them off to concentration camps and ovens, or suddenly decide to partition Canada between the US and Russia, or re-occupy and annex Cuba or the Philippines . . . he's actually more like Mussolini than Hitler, I think.

But for the angry activist Left, a Hitler is a logical next step, after they see that they won't get everything they want with Obama and today's Democrats. And they won't get everything they want, because their wants are unlimited. It's time for people who vote Democrat to take a long, hard, sober look at what their political party is advocating, and go back and look at the political platforms of the Communist Party of the USA over the years, and yes, even elements of the platform of the German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei of the early 1930's.

That's the road you've started heading down, folks. But there is still time to stop, reflect, and find a different road. E-books pave way for more blockbusters, serials

Reason.tv: Louisiana Commissioner of Administration Angele Davis on Streamlining Government

Gallup: Self-Identifying Conservatives At Highest Level Since 1992--Plus: Wal-Mart Moms Abandoning Democrats?

From the blackness of my dark, bleak soul! The most depressed post ever!

If You Don't Give Us 150 Percent Pensions, We'll Kill This Child

FTC Chairman Demands Congress Repeal Due Process

Quote of the Day -- The ineffable cluelessness of Congresscritters, especially of the Democrat variety . . .

European high court: There is no right to gay marriage

Keynes vs. Hayek = Obama vs. Merkel?

Jon Kyl: Er, Obama didn’t exactly say that he won’t secure the border unless we pass amnesty

The Kagan Rush to Judgment -- "Don't crush that dwarf, hand me the pliers . . ."

Telling Washington That Taxpayers are Not the Government’s ATM

Gen. McChrystal allies, Rolling Stone disagree over article's ground rules -- "Off the record" has no meaning for our utterly fair and impartial community of "journalists" when you're on the Right . . . or in the military, it seems . . . I could not be less surprised . . .

Pentagon official: “Rolling Stone” made McChrystal’s staff think they were speaking off the record

The overlooked story from the Weigel kerfuffle -- Featuring an interesting List Of Blogging People Whose Independence Of Opinion Is Now Laughably Compromised (if it wasn't before) . . .

Prosecutors Create 'Restriction Zone' to Cut Down on Armour Blvd. Crime -- I have to admit a certain nervousness about stories like this . . . it's a little too "police-state" a little too close to home for comfort . . .

That’s One Way to Stop the Blockade Runners

Big Government, Bad Journalism

What it takes to prep an e-book…

Obama calls for bank tax as next step in reform

Next Chapter Of The Progressive Marxist Revolution – G8/G20

Iran Stands Down -- After Israel says it will start confiscating ships who attempt to run the Gaza blockade.

Africa 'witnessing birth of a new ocean' -- There is a serious rift in Africa . . .

Read my lips: no new middle-class tax … pledges -- "I promise not to say that I'm raising the tax on 95% of all people in the U.S." . . .

Wind Power is More Dangerous than Coal or Oil

Ascension Island 'Extinct' Parsley Fern Rediscovered

Tea Party Patriots Support Killer Sheriff -- Enough people I know say enough troubling things about Sheriff Arpaio that I'm afraid I can't personally bring myself to support the man. I don't have a problem with making jails a bit less comfortable for those whose actions land themselves in them--but there's a difference between spartan-but-liveable and some of the tales coming out of Arpaio's jail. If I lived in Maricopa County, I probably would vote for a less flamboyant, more law-and-order-AND-liberty person for Sheriff.

Shocking! Bat-wielding Union Thugs Attack Non-union Workers

The Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund - UPDATED

Sinners and scolds, feasting together in a cornucopia of collusion!

The Nook: An Excellent Learning Tool for the Classic-Loving Misesian

California Journalists Caught on Video Making Fun of Sarah Palin Speech -- Generals, of course, get fired for this sort of thing.