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Noonish Whip, June 11, 2010

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Deficit commission may target mortgage deductions; Update: Take the poll! -- You know, I'm not 100% opposed to eliminating the mortgage deduction . . . IF, IF-IF-IF-IF we stop all of these nonsensical policies of "putting people into houses they can't afford," I say we all take off, and nuke Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Is the MFM Really Afraid of Political Violence From the Right, Or Is It Just Another Negative Political Attack? -- No, I'm quite sure they're really afraid. AND it's a negative political attack. The two are not mutually exclusive. They're afraid because it's well established now that liberals and leftists simply don't have the moral framework to adequately understand the motives and actions of people of the right--while the right has a much more balanced moral framework and can understand the leftist view. It's because the Left does not understand the Right that they oppose the policy recommendations of the Right. It's because the Right does understand the Left that they promote policies of freedom, and oppose policies of oppression.

Mitch Daniels: We need a “truce” on social issues to concentrate on our fiscal crisis -- He's not saying anything I haven't said. The Drug War isn't working. Time to try something else. Social Security isn't working (is bankrupt.) Time to try something else. Medicare isn't working (is bankrupt.) Time to try something else.

The whole "progressive" New Deal approach to government isn't working. Time to try something else.

In Their Own Words: A Warning Label on the Constitution -- Actually, publications from Wilder Publications need warning labels:

WARNING: The publisher of this document, Wilder Publications, is composed entirely of deeply stupid people. Read this at your own intellectual risk.

On The Table
The time has indeed come to put many things on the table. All of them are dusty, overpriced relics of discredited statist theories and collectivist ideology. How long has it been since Americans were allowed to tackle any serious problem by enhancing their liberty? Who can remember the last time we approached a situation by reducing the burden of regulation and taxation on our private citizens, unleashing their energy and creativity? When was the last time we were allowed to view a crisis as an opportunity for the private sector, rather than the State?

And don't try using the lies about deregulation causing the oil spill or the housing meltdown. Neither are true. Don't lie to me--or to yourself. Go find the truth, instead. If you have the courage to face the truth, that is. Maybe you don't. Maybe you want Someone To Make It Better. But nobody will. Nobody but you, that is. What are YOU doing?

Looting Taxpayers: Mortgage Interest Deduction Editon -- I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't be a good idea to simply revoke the privilege from the Federal Government of taking money in any way, shape, or form, from any citizen of the United States. Make the Federal Government "tax" the States. Let the States have control of the purse of the Feds. Pass a Consititutional Amendment limiting the Federal budget to some percentage of State budgets.

Don't tell me it can't happen. Don't tell me it's impossible. We're into an age where nothing is impossible, and nothing is off the table.

We need to do something drastic to bring some sense of fiscal discipline to Washington. Simply electing a bunch of fiscal realists (not even "fiscal conservatives"), while a good move, will not be enough.

Somebody needs to bell the cat.

But wait, there's more . . . "Somebody" emerges to challenge Boxer

Scientists find autism has complex genetic roots

Congress Restricted Access to Allergy Pills, and All I Got Was This Runny Nose

The Beck Bomb -- Seems to me that somebody went through Road to Serfdom last fall and winter and pulled out a few "Thoughts For The Day." Maybe it's time to re-run the series . . .

Crocodile and Hippopotamus Served as 'Brain Food' for Early Human Ancestors

NRSC hits Boxer in “Decades of Epic Fail” spot

Ridiculing Helen

Great news for Democrats: Senate candidate facing obscenity-offense felony -- But Ace wins the post headline war with:
South Carolina Politics Decides It Hasn't Been Weird Enough Lately, And Vows To Do Better -- And Boy Does It!

California Passes Proposition That Effectively Destroys Political Parties -- . . . or is it:
The Death of Third Parties in California? -- The Founding Fathers went way out of their way to warn us of the dangers of "factions."

Daniel Ellsberg on Obama: "His actions are totally uncoupled from his public statements. I don't even listen anymore." -- I'm starting to think Der Spiegel may be getting close to the required-daily-reading list . . .

Wooden saw value in women's hoops

NCAA penalizes Colorado for lackluster academics -- Here's an NCAA Penalty! Welcome to the Pac-10! Have you met USC? Heh!

"The Alien In The White House"

A study: The temperature rise has caused the CO2 Increase, not the other way around -- Oh. Um, er, yeah . . . about all of that Cap and Trade, have to destroy the economy in order to save it stuff . . . never mind . . . of course, we will never, ever, ever hear this from the current generation of politicians and scientists who've gone all-in for global warming/climate change, will we? They've got too much skin in the game now to back out now.

Expert panel says Obama administration misrepresented their views on drilling moratorium -- What? The Obama Administration, demagoguing and misrepresenting things? I'm scandalized, utterly shocked, I am . . .

Mediaite, Governor Palin Writes Her Own Facebook Posts -- Who is writing Glynnis MacNicol's Mediaite posts?

Mitt Romney's "Bold Leadership"

Newest smear of Palin: Hey, maybe she had breast enlargements -- Having actually met Palin now . . . she's a tiny little thing . . . if she had breast implants, I don't think she'd be able to stand up . . .

Oceania Cruises Plans Major Fleet Enhancements

Video: The obligatory “Carly Fiorina caught on open mic” video

Taliban Now Packing IEDs With HIV-Infected Syringes, Razors

Rand Paul Distances Himself From Libertarianism -- Actually, I think it would be best if libertarians distanced themselves from "Libertarianism" and started actually engaging Democrats, Republicans, and especially independents, rather than sitting in their basements muttering to each other . . .

Obama’s FEC Set to Override Supreme Court, Strip Filmmakers’ Free Speech Rights

Growing Opposition to FTC “Saving Journalism” Media Takeover Blueprint

The Stupidest Race-Baiting Article Ever Written? -- Actually, many white Americans don't like stupid "journalists" . . .

Mike Pence warns Turkey: America will stand with Israel

Obama’s Moratorium Disaster: “Tens of Thousands” on Gulf Coast Will Lose Their Jobs -- This bunch simply has no more sophisticated conception of economics than "hey, lookie there, some money, give it to us!" They have no clue how money--or more accurately wealth--is made, and show no signs of being able to learn that simple but essential fact. They don't believe in the production of wealth. They believe that the economy is a "zero-sum game" where if one person is making money, somebody else must necessarily be losing money. This is a very primitive--one might say barbaric view of economics.

Climate Craziness of the Week – cool (E)motional Icebergs

FCC to Congress: ‘Whatever’ -- The FCC, like so many New Deal bureacuracies and programs, is utterly out of control, and needs to be abolished and replaced with more responsible entities.

Newer devices often underestimate blood pressure

Scientists find gene links to vitamin D deficiency
Almost half of the world's population has lower than optimal levels of vitamin D and scientists say the problem is getting worse as people spend more time indoors or cover up too quickly and completely when they are exposed to sunshine.

Non-white populations in less sunny climates are at higher risk since dark skin can make it harder for the body to absorb ultraviolet light.


Charles Krauthammer: Obama Has Shifted & Reversed American Sympathies in the Middle East (Video) -- Actually, around here, he's hardened and deepened the support for the generally open, free Israeli society as opposed to the oppressive, criminal, totalitarian gangs purporting to "lead" the Palestinians.

The Passion of the Barack -- What's the saying? "When you can fake sincerity, you've got it made."
Barack Obama’s message is quite clear: he is spiteful with regard to traditional Americans with traditional American values, spiteful with regard to America’s traditional allies and spiteful with regard to America’s traditional place as the beacon of liberty. Barack Obama prefers an America that is nuclear-neutered, bankrupt, statist and paralyzed with dhimmitude to an America that is exceptional.

This President intentionally makes a mockery of the Presidency — the leadership of the free world — because he believes the notion of the free world, as we have traditionally understood it, to be a mockery. He wishes it seems to reduce us from the free world to the Third World. The fundamental principles of Western Civilization are completely anathema to those of President Barack Obama. Hence Dorothy Rabinowitz’s characterization of him as an alien President.

World's Oldest Leather Shoe Found in Armenia

Clueless About Gaza -- No, not clueless. Actively working against the forces of civil liberty and civilization itself.

Sarah Palin on Obama II: “It Sounds Like the Inner Circle He Has Are Some Chicago Thugs & That’s Not Doing Our Country Much Good” (Video) -- Available evidence supports Governor Palin's position.

Climate change: have we reached the irreversible stage? -- Ooh. An Al Gore sighting.

NCAA lowers the boom on USC -- Yes, Colorado appears to be joining a conference that's a better fit for them . . .

Royals begin work to sign 50 new players

Re-Write Wednesday: Keeping Focused

Terms to Know: Lead Title

SDSU, USD pass academics test

SDSU pitcher Treinen to sign with Marlins: Right-hander to skip senior season

Thursday Financial Briefing

Clues for the clueless -- War between the United States and Mexico is not completely unthinkable, you know . . .

Whose ass to kick

The Singer Not the Song
Peter Singer, writing in the New York Times, asks whether a world without people wouldn’t be a better place. His argument is simple. If nobody is alive then nobody’s human rights can be violated. “Have you ever thought about whether to have a child? … But very few ask whether coming into existence is a good thing for the child itself.”

Good idea, Peter. You kill yourself first. I'll watch, and see how to do it.

Bernanke “Puzzled” by Gold Rally -- It's pretty easy to understand, Ben. People don't trust people like you to "run" the economy. With good reason.

NOAA GOES weather satellite communications at risk due to proposed FCC spectrum auction -- Bandwidth should be bought and sold like any other real property. It could be done--fairly easily. And would fix a LOT of problems we have today.

7 Steps to Ensuring Your Liberty

The most ethical Congress ever -- "How can you tell a politician is lying? His/her lips are moving."

FBI Documents Show Depth of ACORN Corruption

The Unthinkable Is Now Inevitable -- I'm not sure ANYTHING is "unthinkable" any more. We are really, truly, in uncharted territory.

Obama's Approval Falls to a New Low in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll

No One Cares About Gaza -- I'll start caring when the Palestinians (and more importantly their supporters around the world) stop acting like amoral barbarians.

That solar sinking feeling -- Cold will kill far more humans--and other lifeforms on Earth--than warmth will. And it might be getting colder.

Battling for the votes of idiots -- Not "idiots," but mushrooms. People are kept in the dark, and fed manure all day long.

Dutch Government: Hey, Let Us Bring Over Equipment and Expertise To Help Contain That Spill--Obama: Nah, No Thanks Son, I'm Good; I'm Just Going To Sit Back and Keep On Bein' Awesome -- Incompetence? Or malice? Either way, Obama is a failure as a President.

SC's Democratic Senate Nominee: A Shifty, Unemployed Drifter With No Executive Experience and Barely Any Work Experience of Any Kind, Whose Background Is Shrouded In Stealth and Secrecy. Democrats Eye Him For 2012 Presidential Run -- More Hope! and Change! from the mushroom farmers in the Democratic Party . . .

Democrats new immigration approach? Talk like Republicans

Wasting Trillions Is A Conservative Strategy

ACORN, voter fraud, and Barack Obama -- The Democratic Party is a criminal enterprise. The evidence mounts. Continue to ignore it at your peril.

Obama: On second thought, maybe I should meet with BP executives

Outrageous: Mismanagement At Arlington National Cemetery Leads To Misidentified And Misplaced Graves

Poll: Biggest Republican threat to Obama among independents is … Ron Paul -- Actually, I would be highly entertained by a 2012 Republican Presidential ticket of Sarah Palin and Ron Paul. Heads would be exploding all across the political spectrum. It would be glorious.

USC basketball team escapes more NCAA punishment

Take Back South Dakota! -- YEAH! WOLVERINES!!! Er, um . . . JACKRABBITS! COYOTES!!! WOOOOHHHOOOOO!!!!

Another trainwreck: Olbermann interviews “America’s candidate”

Rudy Giuliani Slams Obama: “I Would Use This As an Example of the Opposite of Leadership” (Video)

Finally Boehner Speaks Out: “Bush Tax Cuts Did Not Lead to Deficit”

Obama Folds Like a Community Organizer...Will Meet With the CEO of BP Thanks to "Political Heat" from Palin

Is this the worst day in Kansas City sports history?

So Getting an Endorsement from a Politician Who is More Popular than You Are With Republicans is Not Helpful?

QUESTION: Is the Obama Administration covering up a Muslim terrorist attack on the US at Grand Isle, Louisiana?

So You Want to Commit Novel #3A: Plot

What makes a backbone character

The State of Reading on The iPad

Former President and First Lady George W. and Laura Bush are on Facebook.

Russia now says Iran sanctions ban S-300 missiles

La Nińa Is Not The Opposite Of El Nińo – The Videos

The Left Finds Its Roots in Liberty -- Should be "The Left has Left Its Roots in Liberty"

Friday Financial Briefing

YouCut Pushes Obama to Think About, But Do Nothing to Cut Spending

Obama WH “cavalier” towards abuses of ethics safeguards? -- "Oblivious" more apropos perhaps?

Who’s In Charge?… 53 Days Later Team Obama Still Not Sure Who’s In Charge of Worst Environmental Disaster in US History (Video)

A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama? -- With the bottom line:
Let's return now to my original question: What is wrong with Obama? My guess is a great deal. The answer is complex and likely includes some combination of the above.

Along with the brain issues are personality disorders: narcissism, paranoia, passive-aggressiveness. There's even the possibility of the most destructive character defect of all, an antisocial personality. Untreated abuse can foster antisocial traits, especially among boys.

If my assessment is accurate, what does this mean?

It means that liberals need to wake up and spit out the Kool-Aid...and that conservatives should put aside differences, band together, and elect as many Republicans as possible.

Because Obama will not change. He will not learn from his mistakes. He will not grow and mature from on-the-job experience. In fact, over time, Obama will likely become a more ferocious version of who he is today.

Why? Because this is a damaged person. Obama's fate was sealed years ago growing up in his strange and poisonous family. Later on, his empty vessel was filled with the hateful bile of men like Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers.

Obama will not evolve; he will not rise to the occasion; he will not become the man he was meant to be. This is for one reason and one reason alone:

He is not capable of it.

If ignorance is bliss, this is one happy White House

Wall Street Journal on Anthony Bourdain: “He hates vegetarians, raw-food enthusiasts and celebrity chefs' product endorsements”

Congress Circles the Drain -- Which is as good a place as any to end it for today, now isn't it?