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Evening Whip, June 8, 2010

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Charles Krauthammer talks more about the Democrats’ Civil War -- And the Hillbuzz guys expound upon the thesis:
The problem, at its core, is that the DNC made a conscious decision to enter into a pact with the Devil, in the form of the thuggery, fraud, and ACORN-backed tactics Democrats now gleefully employ as a Leftist party. Seeing the party embrace this behavior, propagate it, and RELISH in it is revolting to those of us who thought the party was better than this. Those of us who can of age politically when the Clintons were president in the 1990s are ashamed of the Obama Democrat Party. This is not what we signed up for when we registered as Democrats in high school. This is not what we agreed to when we campaigned for Democrats in every election since we turned 18. This is not the party we supported with whatever spare cash we had to donate all these years.

These thugs will never get another cent out of any of us, and we can’t honestly see a day in the future when we will ever vote Democrat again.

They have permanently alienated us.

This isn't little old libertarian-leaning Republican me saying it. This is a bunch of lifelong Democrats, staunch Hillary supporters, gay guys from Boystown in Chicago, who were expelled from their party by the leftist goons who are backing Barack Obama. They figured it out. When will you--or will you, before it really is too late?

In Praise of Capitalism: How the ‘Social Justice’ Left Uses Economic Incentives to Create Academic Propaganda -- This is a wooden stake, driven into the heart of the public's trust in the veracity of university professors and researchers. If not stopped in its tracks by honest college and university faculty who still hold the truth to be the paramount goal of education, the public will in response, in order to know what is really true, eventually have to simply discount anything said by any "professor" from any "university" as being hopelessly biased. The way the subjects of the Soviet Union had to engage in reading between the lines of Pravda-actually, much like what we now have to do, parsing of what the hopelessly left-biased Old Media outlets produce.

ObamaCare could wipe out health insurance for 1 million low-income workers -- Oopsie. Sorry about that. But remember, we Democrats care more about you than those evil, vicious Republicans . . . always have, always will, even if we take your health insurance away from you to show you how very, very much we care about you. Don't you feel good about us? We sure do . . .

The Talking Cure for the Tragedy of the Commons: Bad things happen when governments keep people from cutting their own deals on resource management -- The "tragedy of the commons" lies precisely in the fact that it is a commons. Owners act, for the most part, in ways that preserve, if not enhance the value of what they own. Things that are held "in common" do not generally receive that level of attention to value preservation or enhancement, unless specific and sustained common actions are made. Those actions are extremely difficult to sustain, especially when they become subject to political deal-making. And so, you have garbage piling up on vacant lots. ObamaCare's First Victim? "The rules changed in the middle of the game."

This book made me hate socialism all over again

Americans blame flotilla organizers for violence

Now is the Worst Possible Time for Tax Hikes -- And, letting a tax cut "expire" IS a tax increase, by the way . . .

Quote of the Day – Obama’s governing style version -- "Obama seems to think corporations are alien invaders sent here to destroy us and should be handled accordingly — yet seething peoples who actually do want to destroy us should be confronted with diplomacy and listening."

Follow the Money: Wealth, Population Are Key Drivers of Invasive Species

On Helen Thomas, Governor Palin, and "Unelectability"; UPDATED -- It shouldn't be Sarah Palin's job to make sure that the Washington media does theirs--should it?

Sandra Bullock Makes Surprise Appearance To Thank ‘Our Extraordinary Troops’

THE TRUTH: Bush Tax Cuts Created More Jobs Than the Obama-Pelosi Spend Your Way to Hell Plan

SC Republican accused of smearing Haley passes lie detector test -- I've actually made a conscious effort to avoid this sorry excuse for a political story . . .

A Turn-Off for Cancer

Megyn Kelly: Actually, Elton John had a great time at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding

Doctors work on radiation problem to ease fears

Andre Bauer: Sacred Honor Demands I Prove That Privately-Administered Bought-and-Paid-For Lie Detector Tests Are Rubbish

KU chancellor urges Nebraska to stay in Big 12

ABC Poll: Government Response to Obama's Katrina Rated Worse Than Response to Katrina Katrina

Daily Gut: A Nation of Hall Monitors

Of course: Reuters cropping flotilla passengers’ weapons out of photos

Obama on Deepwater Disaster: "I Want To Know Whose Ass To Kick"
His real problem has to do with tangible reality. His real problem is not one of words but of deeds, not of dumb-show pantomimes but one of real-life performance . . .

An Incomplete Strategic Review

Topless Kill: White House Staffers Focused Like a Laser on PetroKatrina and Shirtless Beer-Pong, But Mostly Shirtless Beer-Pong

Obamanomics: Still Not Working

Mountain West opts not to expand

Minority report: 50 year warming due to natural causes

Christopher Elbow's ice cream shop features unpredictable flavors

Yost says Greinke is just pressing

No Country For Old Hens
The fall of Helen Thomas is a sign the New Media have crashed those genteel lawn parties, clad in combat pajamas and digital beer hats, asking rude questions about the hosts and laughing at their sputtering indignation. The New Media doesn’t stand on ceremony. Its elder statesmen, talk radio pioneers like Rush Limbaugh, have spent their entire careers being insulted and disrespected by the mainstream press. The same political and opinion elite that indulged decades of insane prattle from Helen Thomas, politely ignoring some of her worst outbursts, was quick to trumpet fraudulent accusations of racism against Limbaugh for things he never said, to paint him as unfit for association with a professional football team. Such relentless assaults build thick skin, and sharp wits. The New Media breeds gladiators, and has little patience for deans and doyennes.

Time for the Royals to polish their process

Royals pull a surprise in selecting shortstop from Cal State-Fullerton in draft

News, Weak

Gone... Going... Going...

Felled by a flip cam -- A reader of Glenn Reynolds' Instapundit blog puts the punctuation mark on the Helen Thomas affair:
“Funny that you can get a video of Helen Thomas spewing her hate, but we can’t find one showing ugly names being shouted in a crowd at congressmen. It’s a mystery.”

Real Life Diagnostics: Show vs. Tell, Part Two

Conservatives v. Libertarians: The debate over judicial activism divides former allies.

Hey, union man: Another look

Crisis and Leviathan: Current Observations on the Rise of Big Government

EU ministers talk austerity

The gathering storm, cont'd

Polls show public unhappy with Obama’s leadership on oil spill

Your Horrifying Chart of the Morning

Mosque and State: The Greater Implications of the 9/11 Islamic Center
Because Islam is not just a theology, but a theology that requires a universally imposed political system, this has manifold implications with regard to our Constitution and our way of life. Until and unless we are able to grapple with this truth, Muslims peaceful and violent will continue to be able to exploit our freedoms by hiding behind the separation of church and state, regardless of the stark differences between what is taught in the church and what is taught in the mosque.

Thomas Paine, Liberty's Hated Torchbearer

Elton John, Rush Limbaugh, Leftist Narratives & Building Bridges

Morning Bell: The Obama Spending Nightmare Continues

The Legal Case Against ObamaCare

T-Shirt Tuesday: Get Your Miranda Rights On Your Chest

Government Funding for Synthetic Biology on the Rise

Is The Education Bubble About to Burst? -- When the Federal government turns getting college student loans into an utter fiasco--which it will--this will only hasten the process . . .

Your Moment Of Chris Christie Awesomeness...NJ Supreme Court Edition

East-African Human Ancestors Lived in Hot Environments -- Wow, stunning research result. Equatorial Africa is hot, and has been for a really long time. Zowie. Keep those grant dollars coming, boys and girls . . .

White House pushes agency budget cuts -- I did not know the Associated Press had branched into absurdist humor.

Videos: Pelosi heckled at progressive conference

Public’s Debt Fear Is Palpable

Shocker: Survey Shows That Liberals Don't Understand Basic Economics

WSJ: Liberals fail economics test, conservative and libertarians score best

Harnessing the Immune System's Diagnostic Power

QUESTION: How do you define the Republican burka?

Double Dip?

Rasmussen McHitlerBunker: GOP Up, Big, in Generic Congressional

A Double Dipper?