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Catchup Whip, June 7, 2010, Volume 5

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Whew. That was . . . much linkage. But I'm caught up. Oh, except for the stuff that happened in the past . . . twenty-two hours or so since I scheduled the posting of this bad boy. A blogger's work is never done . . .

Oh, OK, I'll explain why a Catchup Whip was necessary--again. First, I've had a chest cold. Yeah, I know, whine, whine. Or, in this case, wheeze-wheeze-cough-cough-cough. Mainly, I've been working on the background for my forthcoming blockbuster science fiction series, tentatively going under the title The Guider Universe.

What's a "Guider?" Good question. You'll have to read the stories--assuming I ever actually get them written. When will I get them written and/or published? Yet another good question, Grasshopper. One of my big problems is that . . . God help me . . . I like doing the research and world-building more than I like doing the plotting and characterization and all that fiction-writing-stuff like stringing-all-those-recalcitrant-words-together-to-make-a-coherent-and-interesting-story. Sigh.

OK, just a bit more about the story: it starts . . . well, the story starts maybe twenty or thirty thousand years ago, in this galaxy but on a star far, far away, then works its way to Earth where it spends the next five to seven thousand years, and then runs (at least) three hundred years into the future, so far.

Put that way, it actually sounds impressive. Let's take care of that! There will be star ships and ray guns and mysterious aliens, evil empires and unexpected friends and unanticipated enemies, terrible dangers and narrow escapes--all the good stuff. If I do it right, there will be lots of good clean fun for all. Oh, all right, some of the fun may not be so good and clean--if you insist.

What are we here for? Oh, yeah. Whippage.

Duh, McCartney: Bush’s Wife Was a ‘Librarian’ -- Just proving once again that Lennon was the more intelligent one of the duo . . . not that he was fookin' brilliant or anything . . . but come on, McCartney' original lyrics had him singing "Scrambled Eggs" instead of "Yesterday" fer cryin' out loud . . .

New tactic in jihadi war on US: duds -- Another attack is coming . . . you can be sure of that . . . it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of where, and when . . . until we stop them--or more accurately, until whatever relatively sane segment still remains of the Muslim world stops them - - - or, until we have the Mother of All Crusades. Don't think it can't happen. You can push people only so far. Then they will start pushing back. In my more depressive moments, it's that very pushback that I think the Islamicist extremists are trying to provoke.

Be careful what you wish for. Disgruntled Army Specialist Arrested for Leaking Thousands of Classified Records

White House blasts absent Thomas in today’s briefing; Update: Thomas announces retirement; Update: WH briefing video added

Organizing for America and the DNC: ACORN 2.0

Bye, Helen

The FTC Confuses Newspapers With Journalism as it Seeks New Media Tax

Liberal Media Icon & Jew-Hater Helen Thomas Retires

Helen Thomas, and the Awkward Transfer From "Straight" Reporting to Opinioneering

Senate to Vote on Ceding Congressional Authority to EPA -- I'm pretty sure Congressional delegation of law-making authority isn't really Constitutionally valid or legal. I'm pretty sure almost everyone inside the Beltway doesn't care.

Brand Preference May Be in the Drink, Not in the Head, Vodka Study Shows -- Well, yes, different brands of vodka do in fact taste different. But put enough Kahlua and cream in them, and it doesn't really matter now, does it?

States Plunder 911 Funding

Nicholas Carr on What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

The Truth Leaks Out

Starz will take on new Torchwood series

Iran Threatens War in the Mediterranean