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Catchup Whip, June 7, 2010, Volume 4

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Overtreated: More medical care isn't always better -- In military terms, this is "battlefield preparation." In political terms, this is "spin." It is the first shot of the coming campaign to convince you that the cuts in medical care that are inevitable with Obamacare are good for you. There's an easier way to fix the "overtreated" problem: limit the lawsuit liability of doctors--"defensive medicine" means defending the doctor from lawyers, not defending the patient. But the Democrats didn't want to hear that simple truth. They still don't.

Just Like Henry: Congressional Democrats Avoid Constituents -- "Running for office" has not, in the United States of America, traditionally entailed fleeing from those whose votes you (allegedly) require.

The ‘Costs’ of Free Speech: Consequentialism and the First Amendment don’t mix. -- Did you know that Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan's view on your First Amendment speech rights boils down to "well, it depends on the 'societal costs.'" That not only disqualifies her for serving as a judge at any level, it should forever bar her from pulling any kind of paycheck from any government entity in this nation. What part of "Congress Shall Make No Law" escapes her comprehension? Good Lord . . . Can Democrats Limit Their Losses with Attacks on Republicans?

Thousands Protest Mega-Mosque Plans at Ground Zero

In the nick of time?

An idea for discussion: Using Ham Radio as a Climate Data Network

Pac-10 green lights expansion

Missouri, Nebraska won’t confirm deadline to pledge allegiance to Big 12

Obama Shamefully Fails to Acknowledge D-Day Anniversary -- World War II: The Forgotten War?

The Classical Background

Allahpundit Mentions Me By Name -- Or: How to Blog. Or: How Not To Comment On Blogs.

From unknown to draft prospect: Two years ago, South Dakota state hurler 'wasn't even touching a baseball'

Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt on Their Event with Sarah Palin

ITER Meltdown -- Polywell fusion is where the really cool, with-it "renewable-energy" kids' action is, in my utterly layman-humble opinion . . .

Hmm… Colorado Dem Says Email Bribe Was Sent From White House Account (Video)

Iranian Regime Will Send 2 Ships to Gaza This Week… One With “Relief Workers”-- This will not end well . . .

The Big Ten and Midwestern Identity: Why college sports should stop messing with the Big Ten -- It is entirely possible that the Presidents of the Big Ten universities have forgotten, if they ever knew, what their institutions are, and who those institutions are supposed to serve.

But considering how Congressional Democrats are acting, perhaps that's not the plan for the laughably mis-named "Democratic Party" in 2010, and then forever after . . .

Air Superiority In the Modern Age

Bill Maher Loses Religion-Bashing Battle With S.E. Cupp and History’s Inconvenient Truths

The Cruise Business, Post–Financial Meltdown -- Wow, a cosmic convergence . . . an article about cruising . . . from the Ludwig von Mises Institute . . .

The Divisive Rhetoric of the Post-partisan President -- "But, you don't understand! I'm A PRINCE!!!!"

Nikki Haley Up by 20 in South Carolina; UPDATED: Alex Pappas On Governor Palin's Super Tuesday Endorsements

Milk Carton Democrats in Congress still avoiding constituents

Crocodiles Ride Ocean Currents for Ocean Travel -- Hey, who doesn't?

Why the Tea Party Should Oppose the Drug War -- Put the "culture war" issues on the back burner, folks . . . the Barbarians are at the gates, and they want a lot more than just your medical marijuana . . .

Deficit commission out of money?