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Catchup Whip, June 7, 2010, Volume 3

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'Phoenix Rising' for SB 1070 at Arizona State Capitol -- If I wasn't already married to the most wonderful woman in the world, the first picture alone would have me looking for a job in AZ . . .

And you know, something that's been eating at me since Obama said it . . . you know, any law has the potential for abuse. That's something that the left tends to forget, until it's convenient for them to remember it. Of course, many on the right exhibit the same blind spot, at times . . .

OK, I also like the sign "Seriously! Adopt Mexico's Immigration Laws!" Heh. The Forgotten Rachels

On Meeting Pam Spaulding & the Merits of the Blogosphere

Sarah Palin’s Way of Thinking

He’s No “Moderate”… Ground Zero Mosque Imam Linked to Gaza Flotilla

What price Christie? part 3

Founder of Ground Zero mosque part of group that helped fund Gaza flotilla

Irony Alert: Debt Commission is Running Out of Money

WaPo liberals try to parse Gov. Palin's endorsements -- It is fun watching the know-it-alls inside the Beltway struggle to suss out what's obvious to a lot of people out here in Flyover Country . . . and we're not sure we want to explain it to them in detail before this November. OK, I'll give them a hint. It's one word. One word that the Left seems to have forgotten the meaning of. Coalition. How do you build (or, in this case, re-build, perhaps) a coalition, especially when you're outside the normal good-old-boys network?

‘Prince of Persia’ Recognizes Evils of Taxation

Another Foreign Policy Gaffe -- And these guys got elected because they were competent? Riiiight.

Dagen McDowell: US Could Save $340 Billion By Cutting Public Wages Down to Private Sector Pay Rates (Video)

It is just too much -- Why are statues of Stalin going up in the USA today?

Betting on the Bad Guys: Cartoonist Scott Adams's personal road to riches: Put your money on the companies that you hate the most

Spencer on climate sensitivity and solar irradiance

Four scenarios for the Big 12’s future

Big 12 problems trace to league’s roots

Under Seitzer's tutelage — or in spite of it — the Royals are mashing the ball

Thatcher and Palin: The Resemblance: UPDATED: John O'Sullivan on The Palin-Thatcher Comparison

The Clapper caper

Tea Party Stunner: Marine Moves Crowd With 4th Verse to Star Spangled Banner

Footnotes on the flotilla

Iran Ups the Ante

On Rush-Hatred and Blogging Trolls

The Gaza Flotilla: Political Theater in War on Western Civilization

Contract From America Wrap-Up

For many, recovery means lower expectations -- Well, yes, government-caused economic downturns often mean less money for "just plain folks" while the big-government cronies make out like the bandits that they truly are . . .

The Pope Gets It About Radical Islam… But Team Obama Still Lost Confused

"The Watershed." Where your rights and your freedom end!

Liberal Media Darling Helen Thomas: Two Quotes That Define a Career

Iran Escalates Israel Confrontation; Threatens to Escort Gaza Blockade Runners

The Helen Thomas Dogpile -- No, McCain, not the last . . . not hardly . . .

REVIEW: 'Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One'

Helen Thomas’ agency dumps her as client

Big Ten officials mum on expansion

Gloom, Despair, and Agony On Me! -- You know, it's weird. A fairly simple, universally understandable foreign policy of "maybe buy our stuff if you want to, maybe we'll buy yours if we want to--otherwise leave us the hell alone or we'll turn you into a glass parking lot" has a LOT of appeal for me.

Is Higher Education A Bubble?