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Catchup Whip, June 7, 2010, Volume 2

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Scientists debate: Are recessions good for health? -- Idiot "scientists" . . . and idiot journalists . . . aren't good for my blood pressure, that's for sure . . .

The Ideologue
Big 12 may be on the verge of fracturing

So You Want To Commit Novel: #2

Under Your Skin: The Implants are Coming

SDSU's Batten inks four-year deal with Bills

William Katz: The brightness of the president

Great news: Hollywood to make Rush Limbaugh biopic

Pull it Together, Mr. President

Rasmussen: Toomey takes seven-point lead over Sestak

Price of Whole Human Genome Sequencing Slashed 60 Percent

The Annoyances of U.S. Immigration Law

Cap and bait

No evidence please, we're European

What is the formula for electoral success?

Helen Thomas: Go home to Europe, Jews

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's a Private Rocket!

Grudge Match: Why Sarah Palin is backing an underdog challenger against a sitting GOP senator.

Republicans of Obama's Fantasy World Believe "government has little or no role to play"

Helen Thomas: Hey, sorry about that whole “Jews out of Palestine” thing

Marco Rubio: The Real Deal

White House statement: The Gaza blockade is unsustainable

Helen Thomas Speaks, and Recants

Meat, fish protein linked to women's bowel disease

The Black Hand
From all outward signs the ‘international community’ is sleepwalking into a disaster.

Ungrateful Journalists Misquote New Overlords

Obama Knew From the Beginning That the Oil Would Leak For Months

Just What We Need

College-bound freshmen to experience a much different federal student loan program -- This will, of course, be a disaster . . .

Uneasy feeling follows Big 12 into future

What Are Friends For?… Obama Told Netanyahu “Don’t Come to White House” to Tell Your Side of Flotilla Story

Runaway Census Cost Is Frightening Preview of True Obamacare Price Tag

Video: ‘Rachel Corrie’ ship seized -- ". . . if it were up to Israel, there would be no war. If it was up to Hamas and Fatah, there would be no Israel."

Sestak Scandal Hurting Sestak?