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Morning Whip, June 2, 2010

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Hey, a Whip! In the Morning!

OK, let's get this out of the way right away:

Where the Old Flotilla Lay --This was a setup from "Day One." These "humanitarian activists" are not after any noble goal. They are after the genocide of the Jews. Period. If you support them, you are supporting the completion of the Final Solution. Period. For once, this is not some rhetorical exaggeration. This is precisely what the "flotilla" is intended to advance. Surely you understand that, right? You're not that stupid (or, to be charitable, that naive), are you? Are you?

Useful idiots on parade -- And idiots need to be called idiots. If you support the "flotilla" in any way, shape, or form, you are one of two things: an idiot, or a genocidal monster. Which are you?

When paintballs weren't enough -- Lesson: Do not bring paintball guns to a jihad. The "flotilla" was a war crime. NOT the Israeli interception of the "flotilla," but the "flotilla" itself. It was a military probing attack, hiding behind a false flag of "humanitarian aid." That makes it a war crime. Frank Rich v. Peggy Noonan – compare and contrast “competent”
You reap what you sow. When you slam the opposition and their leader as incompetent (I recall that word used often by sitting Democratic leadership) you imply that if you’re elected, you won’t be incompetent. It’s his standard and right now he’s hoist on his own petard.

Police May be Monitored for Quality Control Purposes
While police and prosecutors have encouraged the growth of a surveillance state, they don’t seem so enthusiastic about the growth of a surveillance citizenry. Maryland and other states have recently seen privacy laws invoked to squelch the unauthorized recording of public officers performing public duties in public areas. Until courts put an end to those bogus claims, we should make sure that police officers know that we may monitor traffic stops to protect our rights . . .

US fears Pakistan's power cuts are militants' gain
The shortages began 10 years ago with a boom in consumer spending on household appliances that drove up electricity usage 15 percent in 2007 alone. It exposed deeply ingrained problems with the power supply - outdated transmission systems, widespread electricity theft, corruption and bureaucratic infighting that stalled power generation projects, and even outdated records that leave bills unpaid.

A Tired Propaganda Battle At Sea

Youth Poisoned Against Palin

Attacking the Heroine; Why?
In a recent post, I quoted a refrain from a country song that says, "people are crazy." But in fact, not all people are crazy. It is mostly liberals who are stark raving mad. All the liberals I know claim to be feminists, so how can they support those who mutilate little girls and sanction forced marriages and wife beating?

Beats me. The mind of the liberal is inscrutable. Which, I think, is a polite word for stupid.

Pearls On Green Velvet
It is proper for the Commander-in-Chief to feel small before that sea of white stones, bright and pure as the stars in our flag. Let his head be lowered in the awesome presence of those who created and preserved the office he holds. Knowing he was inducted into that mighty company on the day of his election, let him waste no time seeking a higher honor, for he will never find one. The President should go to Arlington both to honor the dead, and learn from them.

Director's Corner: Active Versus Reactive Characters

Writers on Writing, and Inspiration

“Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”

Further Thoughts on eReader apps for the iPad

I Have An Idea! Now What?

Final China quake toll near 3,000 dead and missing

A visible fall in US money M3 worries some analysts

Fair Share, Robert Reich v. Kudlow, Moore and America
Reich . . . just doesn’t accept that if you raise the costs on businesses and their owners, you deprive them of the very capital they need to survive, grow and add employees – let alone pay income tax. And that, in a nutshell, is why the welfare state of the Left which they have long sought is choking off American prosperity today.

German president quits in blow for Merkel

At Least Ten Killed as "Peace Activists" Attack Soldiers

After a point, more omega-3s don't help the heart

Fact Checking The Palin Fence -- The #1 argument that Sarah Palin (or Todd Palin, for that matter) would be a better President than Barack Obama: Not only do they know how to build a fence, they've got experience doing it. And, as the country continues to find out, experience does matter.

http://www.conservatives4palin.com/2010/05/fact-checking-palin-fence.html -- "Celebrate Memorial Day?" Celebrate Memorial Day??? CELEBRATE? That is really, really sick.

Algal Blooms Hit the Poor of India Hard

New video: Flotilla passengers attack Israeli troops

Figures. Obama’s Terrorist Pal Bill Ayers & Top Bundler Jodie Evans Are Top Activists With Gaza Flotilla Group

Republican Roots of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

Middle Eastern Nukes and the Flotilla Fiasco

Missing piece found in particle puzzle: scientists -- Neutrinos! Neutrinos!

Obama’s Memorial Day speech in Chicago rained out -- Mother Gaia was, apparently, not pleased with The One.

A Blood Libel Unfolds in Real Time

The Gaza Flotilla Was Not About Aid

Hotline to History
There may be more firsts as China feels its oats. But they are not really firsts. The historical rivalries and differences are reasserting themselves and the Chinese and Japanese leaders were setting up an infrastructure to manage them. Max Boot argues that recent events have thrown cold water on naive notions that the Age of Aquarius was descending on northeast Asia. Despite its economic dynamism, the region remains a rough neighborhood. Even relatively left-wing governments are rediscovering that the Chinese dragon, while sleek, still breathes fire — and the North Korean Hermit Kingdom harbors a crazy man and not a sage.

Rahm to Bill to Joe: The former president as political cutout.
It's possible that all we really have here is a case of the Obama White House playing Washington politics as usual, which the White House refused to admit for three months because this is what Mr. Obama promised he would not do if he became President. However, this is clearly what he hired Mr. Emanuel to do for him, and given his ethical record Mr. Clinton was the perfect political cutout. So much for the most transparent Administration in history.

Phase Two -- Remember, "Islam" does not merely translate to "peace." It more accurately translates to "submission."

Peaceful Leftists & Pro-Hamas Thugs Beat IDF Soldiers With Pipes, Metal Rods & Chairs

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets a chance to put its pants on

Western Media Forgets to Mention That “Gaza Flotilla” Is a Terror-Linked Organization (Video)

Good news from Colombia -- We were in Columbia just a couple of weeks ago--the Columbians seem very proud of their country. Of course, you can say that about most people in most countries in the world. Too bad we can't say that about the current President of the United States . . .

Scientists Decipher Structure of Nature's 'Light Switch'

U.S. believes it killed al Qaeda No. 3

Israel deports flotilla activists after world outcry

GISS Deletes Arctic And Southern Ocean Sea Surface Temperature Data -- Data? We don't need no stinkin' DATA! The Science Is Settled! Consensus! Consensus! ("And yet, it moves!")