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Friday Night Link Dump: Democrat-Socialists Gone Wild

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Beware the Stalin in progressive hearts
John Stossel: The Truth About Media Bias
NYT: We Donít Deserve First Amendment Protection!
Primate jokes
Canadian News Fact Check Michael Moore's Anti-Capitalist Movie
Victor Davis Hanson: 'How many people in America want to be called a racist?'
Unreal: Cap-and-trade will kill the housing industry
Anderson book blows Ayers cover
Earn Big $$$ The NEA Way!
The Video Is Creepy, But the Public-Schooling Song Remains the Same
He Helped Write A Book
Environmentalists Seek to Wipe Out Plush Toilet Paper
Why does Eric Holder keep attacking the CIA and other law enforcement when Muslims keep trying to blow things up in the US?
Czar wants parallel government broadcasting system
Sliming Conservatives: A Short History
Tut-tutting about "violence" at protests
Jack Cashill responds to suggestions by a ďprogressiveĒ academic that he is Chris Andersenís source
CRS (Congressional Research Service): Zelaya arrest lawful
Democratic marketing plan goes surprisingly Ö poorly
Punting National Security To The Judiciary
If Youíre Paul Krugman, Itís Easy Lying About Cap and Trade
Politicizing National Security
Itís the Saul Alinsky Comedy Show!

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