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Pictures from the 9/12 March on Washington

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I promised some 9/12 March on Washington pictures--if nothing else, to prove that I really was there. This will be in two posts--first, the March, and second, the Rally. March pictures after the "read more."
Freedom Plaza, where the March began

The March started a whole hour early, as Freedom Plaza was packed with people, and couldn't accommodate any more, so the D.C. Police told the organizers to start the March, as people were spilling out way beyond the plaza.

"Our forefathers gave us a Republic! Can we keep it?"

It was not wall-to-wall people walking down Pennsylvania Avenue

Some guy decided to sell giant pretzels along the route. Capitalism!

We found ourselves behind the flag--literally

These words on the Newseum seemed strangely familiar . . . where could they come from?

Arriving at the Capitol