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The newest "slur"

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Apparently, belief that the Constitution is, or should be, the supreme law of the land is now a conspiracy theory.

Liberal activists have a new name to disparage conservatives: "tenthers."

The nickname refers to those who cite the 10th Amendment to argue that federal intervention in areas not authorized by the Constitution, like health care for example, is unconstitutional.

This follows other names such as "birthers," "deathers" and "tea baggers."

You're damn right I'm a Tenther. I'm also a Ninther, and Eighther, a Seventher, a Sixther, a Fifther, a Fourther, a Thirder, a Seconder, and a Firster.

Keep talking, "progressives," keep talking. The more you talk, the more you're exposed as small minded, bigoted, hateful, envious people whose greatest wish is to be "led" by some "great leader." Of course, you're being led to the slave plantations, but you're too busy being smug to notice that.

Via The Other McCain.
UPDATED (and bumped): He likes me, he likes me! Stacy McCain says I ""dropped the full dime" with this here humble post. Well yeah, I guess I did "inform" on the "progressives," didn't I? Heh.