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Ed Hochuli on how to man up

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The NFL referee who blew the call, and gave the Denver Broncos a win against San Diego, from the Kansas City Star:
Hochuli, an official for 19 seasons and a referee for 17, had e-mailed fans in San Diego and told them, “I failed miserably.”
. . .
(NFL Supervisor of Officials Mike) Pereira said on his weekly NFL Network show that he’s tried to be as supportive as he can to Hochuli, “but he’s devastated — as he should be.”
No finger-pointing, no directing the blame somewhere else.  Just a guy who trying to do a hard job, screws up, then says to the world "I screwed up."  There is no man so worthy as one who has made a mistake, recognizes it, and refuses to try to blame someone else.  That's called being a stand-up guy.  It's not the good times that reveal character, but the bad times--the times where things have gone wrong, when everyone's after your neck.

A lesson on how to deal with personal failure that could perhaps be profitably studied elsewhere in American society.