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Online Dating Works!

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Since 1) Snookums and I met using one of these online dating websites, and 2) the story features a fellow South Dakota State grad, and 3) it's dateline is from India for Heaven's sake . . . here's an excerpt:
Neu looked at eHarmony.com as well as Yahoo! dating before selecting match.com for her initial foray into Web dating.

"I was just dinking around on there, and I saw his picture," Neu says, referring to Cory Ims, now her fiance. "When I saw him, it led me to sign up and give it a try."

She signed up on Match.com and sent a message to Ims, wondering if he had gone to South Dakota State University when she did.

"He responded and told me he was living in Willmar (Minn.), and as it turned out, I had to go there for work," Neu says. "So we went on our first date while I was in Minnesota on business."

Conversations continued after that first date, both by phone and via e-mail. In time, the couple made plans for marriage. Neu says the experience taught her a bit about online dating.

"You get a lot of e-mails, and if you don't have time to read them and respond, it can be a bother," she says. "But after that first date with Cory, well, I wasn't really looking any more."

Update: OK the original source article is from the good ol' Sioux Falls Argus Leader. That explains it.