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The American Restaurant - makes good

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Our story 'til now can be found here. We received a response from Mr. Melesse, the General Manager of the American Restaurant in Kansas City . . . as you'll see, the results were quite acceptable:

February 6, 2006

Thank you for your letters dated November 22, 2005 in which you described a less than satisfactory experience at The American. I am disappointed that your experience was any thing but satisfactory.

As discussed on the telephone, your input has allowed us to review our service timeline and share your experience with the service, culinary and valet team.

Thank you also for your letter dated January 11, 206 please accept my sincere apology, I had every intention of writing to you after our conversation, I have no excuse for not following up on this.

To express my sincerity and encourage you to come back, I am enclosing a dining card for $100.00. Feel free to make arrangements and share with me your experience next time. I look forward to seeing you soon and many thanks for taking the time to report the service defect. We will work hard to be worthy of your continued patronage.



Solomon Melesse

General Manager

American Restaurant