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Conditions deteriorate at Superdome

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The Louisiana Superdome, always referred to as a "shelter of last resort." must be evacuated as conditions worsen there.
The governor has said she wants the dome empty in two days and a spokesman for the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness says it'll happen. But Lieutenant Kevin Cowan (KOW'-uhn) declined to disclose specific plans. He says the dome really is more of a shelter of last resort and was never intended as a primary evacuation location.
Reports indicate as many as 30,000 to 60,000 refugees are in and around the immediate Superdome area. The relocation effort will be massive. Officials are still considering where to move the refugees.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency was considering putting people on cruise ships, in tent cities, mobile home parks, and so-called floating dormitories - boats the agency uses to house its own employees.
Update: Fox News reports that the Superdome refugees will be relocated to Houston's Astrodome.