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Which incarnation of The Doctor are you?

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For you Doctor Who fans--a quiz to determine which Doctor you are:
The Doctor... a renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, roaming time and space in his stolen TARDIS, crusading for liberty, individuality, and civility wherever his adventures take him. This quiz will tell you which of the first seven Doctors (sorry, folks, I'm only using the ones with established bodies of televised stories) you most resemble.
Filbert discovers he's the Fourth Doctor:
You are the Fourth Doctor: A walking Bohemian conundrum with a brooding personal magnetism and a first-rate intellect concealed somewhere beneath your charmingly goofy exterior. You are perhaps the most terribly clever of all the Doctors, though your occasional bouts of childishness get you in trouble. You never go looking for a fight, but when someone messes with you... good heavens, are they ever sorry they did.

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