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Reporters cower before Mexican drug lords

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This attack on the press is much more real and dangerous than holding a reporter in contempt of court for refusing to reveal sources in a national security-related case:
"It's the new trend of drug gangs: Journalists are warned, paid off or killed," said Daniel Rosas, the managing editor of the daily El Mañana, the oldest newspaper in this border city south of Laredo, Texas. "Drug battles have become bloodier, and gangs have no code of ethics. They don't respect human life; why should they respect reporters?" El Mañana, founded in 1932 after the Mexican revolution with a motto to promote freedom of expression, has been self-censoring itself since its editor, Roberto Javier Mora García, was stabbed to death on March 19, 2004.
Standing up to lawless thugs with guns is pretty much the definition of bravery. But there's bravery, and then there's trying to stay alive. The Mexican government needs to quash this drug lord problem, and quickly. I won't go into a War on Drugs rant, but I could.

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